Methodist Chapel

Built 1862.  “that piece of land containing by estimation twelve perches situate at Crowley End, whereon a cottage in the occupation of Widow Read formally stood, but whereon there has since been erected a Primitive Methodist Chapel.”

The Trustees were admitted tenants on 28th of May, (1862?) the original Trustees were:- Joshua Brand, Joseph Law, John Starr, William Clarke, Thomas Pigg, Robert Brand, William Rodger, James Guiver, Joseph Clarke, Philip Roger, Richard Drayton, James Greenhill, William Barker.

An Indenture dated Jan 2. 1915 records “the purchase of a piece of land for use as a burial ground.”  The purchasers were listed thus: “Cornelius Miller (Assistant Overseer), Oswald Cranwell (Engine Driver), William Ives (farmer), Walter John Pigg (Shoemaker), Robert Chambers (Farmer), Albert Rogers (Builder), Charles Clarke (labourer), William Hubert Brand (Shepherd), Charles Flack (Engine driver), George Enfield Flack (Engine driver), and William Mustill.”

Money for the purchase of the land, and for the building of the chapel was lent by John Starr. This was paid back by regular payments made by a number of dedicated men.  In view of the pitifully low wages, any contribution must have represented a considerable sacrifice. It says much for their zeal and steadfastness that the undertaking was faithfully carried out.

Author: Irene Cranwell