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Chrishall School Teachers

by | Jun 24, 2017 | Chrishall School 1862 to 1973 | 3 comments

Miss Hile, Connie Patmore and Irene Cranwell

We are hoping to put together a list of all the school teachers from the old Chrishall School here. If you remember any we don’t please let us know!

1862:  School opens

1901: Head: James French and wife Ellen also a teacher

1911: Head: Miriam Mitchell  plus two assistants, Emily Gray and Alithia Garden. None of them were born locally (from the census)

Miss Rogers mentions a Miss Harmer in her recollections from around this time.

1940s: Miss Hile, Kathleen Faulkner, Olive Miller, Connie Patmore who taught the infants and Irene Cranwell

Local memories: “Jessy Ives used to look after the tortoise stove at school and would sprinkle ‘brown stuff’ on the floor to keep the dust down.  Lorna Flack, whose father was