This is the wedding of Walter Green and Rhoda Brand which took place on 22nd June 1907. They are pictured outside Peacock Cottage in Crawley End. We know some of the people on the photograph but not all of them so if you can name anyone else do please let us know in the comments below.


  1. unknown
  2. unknown
  3. Charles Brand (Hubert’s son)
  4. unknown
  5. unknown
  6. unknown
  7. unknown
  8. William Negus
  9. Lewis Brand
  10. Alfred Brand (bearded)
  11. unknown
  12. ‘Grandma Creek’
  13. Hubert Brand
  14. Alice Brand (Hubert’s wife)
  15. unknown
  16. Clara Brand (later Mrs William Negus)
  17. Walter Green (Groom)
  18. Rhoda Brand (Bride)
  19. unknown
  20. unknown
  21. unknown
  22. Ethel Newton (Rhoda’s neice)
  23. unknown