Alfred Brand and the bees

Alfred Brand lived at Peacock Cottage in Crawley End Chrishall. We don't know where the above photograph was taken - whether it was in Peacock Cottage garden or at an allotment. At the time Alfred Brand lived there, there would have been allotments just over the road...

Abrams Family Group

This photograph was given to the collection by Romaine - many thanks. It might add something to the Abrams jigsaw! It is thought to have been taken in 1914 after Clara Ives marriage to Will Drury. Standing from left to right: Lucy and Samuel Abrams, Nell and Will...

Two Ears of Barley

I was recently loaned a lovely little book called Two Ears of Barley, written by Jack Wilkerson and published in 1969 and all about the history of Barley in Cambridgeshire.  Barley is only about three miles from Chrishall as the crow flies and there...

The story of Engleric

We have recently been asked the reason behind the name Engleric and are delighted to re-produce this article written many years ago for the village magazine.  Mrs Irene Cranwell, village historian, wrote articles for many years under the guise of the village pumps. ...

And then it snowed

It seems appropriate for this winter that we include some snowy photos from years gone by.  I cannot name any people on these pictures though - can you?  The photograph above is looking up Crawley End from near the pond on the green, in 1963.  You can just see the top...

Broad Green Cottages pre 1989

The Davies family lived in the cottage to the left with the red door from 1961 to 1972 before moving up to Crawley End.  Mr and Mrs George Rogers lived on the right hand side.  Mr Rogers kept pigs on the right hand side of the driveway at the back and Mrs Rogers had a...

William Cranwell 1899

William Cranwell outside his cottage in Builden End. William was born in Chrishall and had a large family although he was widowed fairly young.  He was a gardener by trade and played the clarinet in church services before the church had an organ. You can follow him...

Traction Engine at Builden End

This carefully posed photograph is nonetheless delightful and shows the degree of labour once employed locally, for there are 14 individuals in view. Note the high chimney stack of the engine to minimise the risk of straw fires. This is believed to be in Builden End.

Hollyhock Cottage

The photograph above shows Hollyhock when it was still two cottages.  It seems in rather a state of dis-repair although the roof looks new so maybe this picture was taken when it was in the process of being renovated.  Certainly there are stories of various occupants...

Lower Farm, 1988

Lower Farm, Builden End. This property was once owned by Walter Brand (Date: 1988)


Welcome to this website about the community of Chrishall in Essex.

Chrishall is a small village on a hilltop in the very north west of Essex, close to the borders of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, in the East of England.   This website is particularly aimed at the local community and the genealogist who perhaps has never visited Chrishall and wishes to visualise the kind of community whence his or her ancestor came. It is run by…

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“I stumbled accidentally across some aspects of its history, and began to learn and think more about it, but then – as I studied the records – people began to rise up out of them. Where before I had seen only names on lists, individual characters began to shake their shoulders and stand up. It was as though these dead were being awakened, resurrected. They seemed close, as though they had something to say.”
(quote from In a Country Churchyard by Ronald Fletcher. Although this quote refers to Westleton in Suffolk, we hope you come to feel the same about Chrishall charcters and history.)

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help tell the stories of ChrishallThere are so many interesting projects and stories that we would like to explore and bring to life here on the website and in local newsletter articles and events – but there is only so much time available in the day! “Many hands make light work” as they say. We are a friendly, informal group and would love to have you along with us. If you are interested in Chrishall history and have even just a tiny bit of spare time occasionally do get in touch.

Recent updates to existing content:

VE Day 75th Commemoration

VE Day 75th Commemoration

Friday 8th May 2020 is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Victory in Europe, where the country celebrated the end of part, at least, of the Second World War. (VJ day was to come later in the year.) Chrishall never seems backwards at coming forwards when a party is in the...

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Chrishall in 1949

Chrishall in 1949

In the year we had VE Day celebrations across the country, Chrishall was a busy little village.Old postcard of the ChurchRev A. A. BagleyThe Church was led by The Rev. A.A Bagley. Sitting atop the hill in the vicarage, he would be able to look over the surrounding...

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The Royal Observer Corps

The Royal Observer Corps

The following article was written by Joe Hagger who was one of the village cobblers or shoe-makers and lived in the cottage that faces the green next to The Red Cow. (This article is published as written and the language reflects the time at which Mr Hagger was...

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