Welcome to this website about the community of Chrishall in Essex.

Chrishall is a small village on a hilltop in the very north west of Essex, close to the borders of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, in the East of England.   This website is particularly aimed at the local community and the genealogist who perhaps has never visited Chrishall and wishes to visualise the kind of community whence his or her ancestor came.

“I stumbled accidentally across some aspects of its history, and began to learn and think more about it, but then – as I studied the records – people began to rise up out of them. Where before I had seen only names on lists, individual characters began to shake their shoulders and stand up. It was as though these dead were being awakened, resurrected. They seemed close, as though they had something to say.”
(quote from In a Country Churchyard by Ronald Fletcher. Although this quote refers to Westleton in Suffolk, we hope you come to feel the same about Chrishall charcters and history.)

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Annual General Meeting

The AGM for Chrishall Village Archive Group will be held on Thursday 12th March, 7.30pm at The Brand Pavilion, Jigney’s Meadow, Chrishall. Everyone is welcome to attend. The AGM will be followed by a committee meeting to which visitors are welcome to stay if they wish.

Latest Articles

Green Wedding 1907

Green Wedding 1907

This is the wedding of Walter Green and Rhoda Brand which took place on 22nd June 1907. They are pictured outside Peacock Cottage in Crawley End. We know some of the people on the photograph but not all of them so if you can name anyone else do please let us know in...

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Chrishall Observation Post

Chrishall Observation Post

On the corner of Hertford Lane, just about where the red car is in the photograph above, used to stand the Chrishall Observation Post. It was a concrete structure, fairly substantial but also fairly well hidden in the undergrowth and hedging that grew up around it....

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Crawley End Gallery

Crawley End Gallery

Enjoy the photographs in our gallery below. Click on a photograph to see the enlarged version. Arrows will appear either side of the photograph so that you can move forward, or backwards, through the gallery. Or you can click the cross to the top right of the...

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