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War Memorial

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The War Memorial without railings: October 2015



Chrishall lost eight men in the First World War and another 45 villagers are listed on a board in the Church as serving their country in one way or another.  Many of these names can be found on the 1911 Census of course and all are listed on the sidebar to the right.


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Further to the information printed on the photograph above, the cottage to the left no longer stands and has been replaced by a new house as can just be seen in the first photograph on this page, top left.  It is worth comparing this photograph with the one of Church Road from the other direction, where you can see the other side of the thatched cottage on the right.


A very detailed article on Chrishall at War written by John Kay with additional research by Jean Hards-Nichols can be downloaded here.  This article includes some rather lovely extracts from the Church Magazines (which include consternation about the Church spire and arrangements for children to h