1100: Richard de Bologne.  After the Norman Conquest, Eustace de Bologne was rewarded by King William with gifts of land, one of which was Chrishall.  So it looks like he installed one of his relations as the vicar. Queen Matilda, Eustace’s daughter, married King Stephen and as she was the heiress of the Bologne family she also inherited Chrishall.  That she cared for the village is evident from a letter she wrote to Alius regarding the welfare of her people in Chrystosale.

1121: Alius

1158: Theobald (the first vicar to be Canon of St. Martin le Grand in London)

1309: Roger de Nilliton

1356: William Hervey

1399: John Chittern


1518: Richard Game


1534: John Harold

1538: Nicholas Masson

1540: Thomas Fletcher

1546: Leonard Taylor

1547: Richard Scarlett

1554: Richard Conway

1569: William Alexander

vicars of chrishall1580: David Lufkin


1604: William Scott

1605: Robert Baker

1609: Abraham Jenne

1609: John Griffin


1640: Thomas King


1657: John Debnam

1673: John Priest A.M.

1677: Henry Cornwallis A.M.

1682: Roger Banks A.M.

1689: John Doo.  The Doo family have many records in the church registers for children being baptised. However sadly John Doo met an early end when he died after falling from his horse on Thriplow Heath one night.

1712: Thomas Ashburner

1720: Thomas Melville – a man who believed in getting things sorted out. You can read here his solution to the ‘heart burnings and jangling’ that was being caused by grazing on Chrishall common.

1749: John Banks (Church Burial Register: The Revd Mr Bankes Vicar. Aged 84 years. Feb 19)

1787: Butler Berry

1830: Robert Lascelles

1839: Godfrey Everth (read about Rev Everth and his book of poems here)

1858: Robert Greene Hebbert Ware

william way vicar of chrishall essex1864: William Way: William Way was resposible for a huge amount of work on the fabric of the church building.

1881: Edmund Leachman

1888: Charles Allen / Evans Beley

1911: Lawrence Hards

1913: William May

1924: Edward Arthur Hort A.K.C.  Chrishall School is a Church of England School so the current vicar of the parish was usually closely involved with the school. Rev. Hort was no exception and would go into the school every Tuesday morning to take prayers.1

1942: James Cornelius Morrice M.A.

1946: Albert Anthony Bagley M.A.

1965: William Henry Taylor

1980: William Hubert Branch

1981: William Hugh Alan Cooper

1988: John Lester Brennan

1991: David Wesley Parrott


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  1. Source: B Rogers, Nov 2016