Chrishall School 1890

Most of their names are now long forgotten. The school house was vacant at the time of the 1891 census but in 1901 49 year old James French was the schoolmaster and his 49 year old wife Ellen was the schoolmistress. Their daughter Lilian was aged 22 in 1901 and listed...

Chrishall School 1910

Unfortunately the date and any names are unknown - the board that the little girl is holding simply says "Chrishall Group 2". (photo kindly lent by John Cane - if either his grandfather or grandfather's sister is in the photograph, this would support c1910)

School Play around 1915

A school production of "Oliver". Back row: Frank Cranwell, Harold Cranwell, Harold Drury. Middle row: Ernie Flack, Jack Green, Cyril Flack, Reg Chapman, Bernard Cranwell, Keith Flack, George Lawrence, Percy Clarke, Evelyn Cane. Front: Ernie Miller, Cyril...

Saving the British Empire! School 1918

God Save the British Empire! This four country group (Britannia in the middle) was taken at the same time as the main school photograph and almost certainly marks the end of the First World War in 1918. (Originally it was believed to mark the coronation of King George...

Brothers and Sisters at School 1918

This appears to be a specially grouped photograph of brothers and sisters.

A class from 1918

No names!  We need names!  Can anyone name any of the lovely children on this photograph?  If so please leave a comment below or get in touch.

Chrishall School 1922

Back row: Fred Rogers, Reg Chapman, Cyril Wallman, Harry Rogers, Raymond Cranwell, Arthur Whitmore, Don Whitmore Middle row: Doll Lawrence, Elsie Cranwell,  Bessie Ives, Pearl Cranwell, Maisie Sell, Gladys Cranwell, Doris Drury, Chris Beavis, Cissie Whitmore Front:...

School 1949

The older girls in this photo are definitely following the fashions of the time! Back row: Shelia Whitmore, Jennifer Cranwell, Heather Whitmore, Mary Flack, Judy Flack, Shirley Harvey, Betty Harvey, Miss Oyston, John Cane. Third row: Bruce Drury, Anthony Drury, Colin...

Chrishall School 1970s

One of the last photographs taken at the old school before we all moved over to the new school just across the playing field. Back row from left: Janet Potter, Vernon Clarke, Louise Martin, Simon Chandler, Elizabeth King, Louise Bayer, Fay Grice, Shirley Flack, Angela...


Welcome to this website about the community of Chrishall in Essex.

Chrishall is a small village on a hilltop in the very north west of Essex, close to the borders of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, in the East of England.   This website is particularly aimed at the local community and the genealogist who perhaps has never visited Chrishall and wishes to visualise the kind of community whence his or her ancestor came. It is run by…

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“I stumbled accidentally across some aspects of its history, and began to learn and think more about it, but then – as I studied the records – people began to rise up out of them. Where before I had seen only names on lists, individual characters began to shake their shoulders and stand up. It was as though these dead were being awakened, resurrected. They seemed close, as though they had something to say.”
(quote from In a Country Churchyard by Ronald Fletcher. Although this quote refers to Westleton in Suffolk, we hope you come to feel the same about Chrishall charcters and history.)

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help tell the stories of ChrishallThere are so many interesting projects and stories that we would like to explore and bring to life here on the website and in local newsletter articles and events – but there is only so much time available in the day! “Many hands make light work” as they say. We are a friendly, informal group and would love to have you along with us. If you are interested in Chrishall history and have even just a tiny bit of spare time occasionally do get in touch.

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Wenden Lofts Mill

Wenden Lofts Mill

Wenden Lofts’ Mill “Miss Nellie Smith who lived at Hamlet House, Pond Street, is shown on the photograph as a young girl on the steps of the Mill. Her family lived at Hope Farm and farmed the land round about. The Mill was taken down very soon after the First World...

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Chrishall Windmill

Chrishall Windmill

For nearly two hundred years Chrishall had it’s own windmill. It stood next to Mill House on Mill Causeway and was a post mill, probably very similar to Chishill Mill. The mill was made of wood and could be turned around a main central post so that the sails were into...

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Alfred Brand and the bees

Alfred Brand and the bees

Alfred Brand lived at Peacock Cottage in Crawley End Chrishall. We don't know where the above photograph was taken - whether it was in Peacock Cottage garden or at an allotment. At the time Alfred Brand lived there, there would have been allotments just over the road...

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