The Dark Ages

early medieval dove broochFrom approx 425AD – 1066 (the Norman Conquest). People were already inhabiting the hills of Chrishall and surrounding villages by the time of the Anglo-Saxons. We have prehistoric, Bronze Age and Roman finds in the area. But in what is known as the Dark Ages, it does seem that religion played an important part in the life of the inhabitants of ‘Christ’s Halle’ or what was to become Chrishall.

It does seem likely that an early church was established on this hill and it may have been that the first village was in the fields below the church that lead down to a water source, the brook, on these south facing slopes.

Some articles for this period

The Dove Brooch

The Dove Brooch

(Image above: A brooch has been found near to Chrishall and it’s story raises some fascinating questions about the origins of the village. I was reminded about this little silver brooch when the Archive attended the recent 12th Century Live event at...

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