1901 Census Return for Chrishall, Essex UK.

Enumerator: Mr William Robert Brand

Boundary of Enumeration District:

The whole of Chrishall Civil parish (including an existing detached part of Chris-hall Civil parish, locally situated between Wenden Lofts and Elmdon) bounded on the North by Duxford Grange and Ickleton Grange on part of the East by the parish of Ickleton and on the remaining part of the East by the parishes of Elmdon and Wenden Lofts on the South by the parish of Langley and on the West by the parishes of Little and Great Chishill and Heydon.

If the Enumeration District includes more than one Civil Parish, Rool Parish, Parly Division or Ward, State here the name of each and give the contents separately; show separately also any detached part or formerly detached art of a Civil parish:

Civil Parish – Chrishall (Entire) 8.053 acres of land (with no buildings upon it) still remains a detached part of Chrishall Civil parish locally situated between Wenden Lofts and Elmdon.

Contents of Enumeration District:

The Grange Farm and cottages near Redlands Hall. Tiled House, Crawley End, Wire Farm, Gentleman’s Farm, Broad Green Cottages, Canes Farm, Parsonage Farm, Cottage in Park Wood, The Vicarage and Cottages near Chiswick Hall, Building End, Lower & Upper Farms, and cottages near Cranwell’s Nursery and….. all the cottages in the Village including Chrishall Green, “Red Cow” public house, “The Gate” and “Greyhound” public beerhouses, School Houses, Long Row, Windmill Cottage and cottages at the bottom of Heydon Lane.

No. of schedules: 1081. Inhabited 1061. Not in occupation 15. Total inhabitants = 460 (235 males.225 females).

E/W/O: Employer/Worker or Own Account

Address Name Relation-ship to Head Married Age Occupation E/W/O Where Born (otherwise Chrishall, Essex)
Building End Amos Pitches h m 53 General farm labourer W
Mary Anne w m 52
Frank s s 18 General farm labourer W
Jessie d s 16 General farm labourer W
George s s 14
Charles s s 13
Lewis s s 11
Elizabeth d s 10
Jessie Peters Gran.dau 2 Loughton, Essex
Building End William Revell h m 68 Headman on farm W Langley, Essex
Emma w m 63 Earles Colne
Daisy Gran.dau 5 Eustn Sq. Londn
Building End Nathan Ives h m 60 Horsekeeper on farm W Langley, Essex
Louisa w m 67 Langley, Essex
Alfred s s 22 Horsekeeper on farm W
Building End Nathan Pitches h widwr 80 Retired agri. labourer
Sarah Ann d s 38
Edward Gran.son s 26 Agric.labourer W
Building End Samuel Abrams h m 56 Cattleman on farm W Langley, Essex
Lucy w m 53
Decima d s 22
Building End Willm Robrt Brand h m 45 Farmer & fruit grower E
(Lower Farm) Beatrice Ann w m 43
Robert Samuel s 2
William Walter s 10 mnths
Jessie Prentice Serv s 15 Gen Serv Domestic Langley, Essex
Building End Stephen Drury h m 53 Woodman on farm W Abington, Cambridge
Ann w m 57 Berden, Essex
Albert s s 23 General abourer W
Arthur s s 20 General labourer W
Frank s s 13
Willie s s 10
Alfred s s 8
Building End Willm Cranwell Snr h s 85 Nurseryman O
Lydia Cane Serv 53 Housekeeper Loughton
Building End George Flack h m 63 Horsekeeper on farm W Langley, Essex
Martha w m 61
Leonard s s 23 Agric. labourer W
Agnes d s 21
Building End Willm Cranwell Jnr h m 41 General labourer W
Clara s s 39 Cambridge
Albert s s 17 General labourer W
Emma d s 15
Daisy d 8
Claude s 5
Harry s 2
May Gran.dau 1 mnth
High Street Herbert J Downham h Widr 40 Farmer E
(Parsonage Farm) Hilda d 12
Duncan s 10
Herbert s 9
Gertrude Sneath Serv s 27 Domestic housekeeper Thurlby Lincs.
High Street Edward Linworth h m 71 Yardman on farm W Elmdon, Essex
Sarah w m 69 Ickleton, Cambs
Mary d s 19. W
High Street William Soole h m 45 Carpenter E
Eliza w m 45 Sandon, Herts
Alice Mary d s 17
Ellen Niece s 30 Cook (Domestic) Richmond, Surrey
High Street William Loveday h m 34 Horsekeeper on farm W
Esther w m 30
Walter s 4
High Street William Flack Jnr h m 38 Agric. labourer W
Amelia w m 33
Sidney s s 13
Agnes d s 12
Olive d 5
High Street Christmas Flack s s 50 General labourer W
Jane w s 55 Grt Wilbraham Cambs
Agnes d s 15
Ernest s s 17
High Street Joseph Flack Snr h widr 80
Mary 55
High Street Joseph Kent h m 63 Grazier E Grt Chishill Cambs
Ellen w m 42 Grt Hormead Herts
John Francis s s 15 Grt Chishill Cambs
High St Alley Albert Rogers h m 31 Carpenter O
Alice w m 30
Leonard s 2
Mabel s 1
High St Alley Peter Rogers h m 65 Labourer on farm
Mary w w 66 Barley, Herts
High St Alley Walter Whitmore h m 33 Millers cart man W Whaddon, Cambs
Susan w m 27
Jessie d s 6 W
Charles s s 4 Carpenter E
Aleck w m 2
Fred Green br-in-law s 21 Labourer (agric)
Walter br-in-law s 19 Labourer (agric)
High St Alley John Finch h m 46 Hersey, Suffolk
Elisa w m 45 Watfield, Suffolk
High St Alley George Harvey Jnr h m 37 Farm horsekeeper W
Runhzibah w m 33
Thomas s 14 Farm labourer W
Timothy s 12
Peter s 11
William s 9
Reuben s 6 General labourer W
Ada d 4
Violet d 2
Rose d 2mnths
High St Alley John Pratt h m 31 Steam Plough Engine Driver W Newnham, Herts
Georgina w m 36 Langley, Essex
Graham s 4
Minnie d 3
High St Alley Herbert Brand h m 31 Shepherd on Farm W
Alice w m 29
Charles s 9
William s 7
Hogs Lane Frederick Wells Snr h Wdr 76 Retrd Agric Engine Driver Harpenden, Herts
David Goode br-in-law s 56 Estate carpenter W Comberton, Cambs
Hogs Lane William Green h m 41 Farm labourer W
Susannah w m 43
Charles s s 15 Farm labourer W
Irene Emma d s 12
Sarah Elizabeth d 7
Stanley William s 4
Bertha Susan d 1
High Street John Star h m 68 Retired Engine Driver
Susan w m 65 Grt Chishill, Cambs
William Clarke h m 61 Bootmaker & Local preacher W
Caroline w m 61
George Ernest s s 19 Agricult. Labourer
Mary Jane Brooks niece 9
John W.Normandal visitor m 53 Prim. Methodist Preacher W Nottingley, Yorks
High Street Samuel Rogers h m 56 Carpenter W
Emily w m 58
Hubert s s 17 Carpenter W
Jessie d s 15 Day School teacher W
High Street Joseph Wilkinson h m 49 Agric Engine Driver W
Susan w m 47
Ella Jessie d s 21
Florence Emily d s 16
High Street Moses Rogers h m 49 Carrier O
Mary Ann w m 59
Sarah mother Wdr 80
High Street George Beadle h m 50 Publican O Leigh, Surrey
(The Red Cow) Sarah w m 48 Sutton, Surrey
Kate d s 20 Reigate, Surrey
High Street James French h m 49 Schoolmaster Chardstock, Somerset
Ellen w m 49 Schoolmistress Wills Calne
Lilian d s 22 Sch.master’s dau. Maida Vale,Paddington
Clarice c s 14 Bridestowe, Devon
High Street Albert Cane h m 34 Agric labourer W
Sarah w m 29 Meldreth, Cambs
May d 3
High Street Robert Chambers h wdr 48 **funeral Shopkeeper E Needingworth, Hunts
Herbert Oswald s s 20 ** assistant
Elsie Gladys Maria d s 16 Shop assistant Worlingham, Cambs
Elizabeth Ann Gleaves serv s 26 Housekeeper dom
Edith Ann Brooks serv s 16 Servant domestic
High Street Emma Mumford h s 57 Fruit Grower Gard. E Melbourne, Cambs
Henry James brother s 60 Retford Grocer Melbourne, Cambs
Edith Flack serv s 15 Gen. Dom. Serv.
Broad Green Arthur Green h m 38 Agric. labourer W
Elizabeth w m 35
Frank s 6
Broad Green James Cane h m 40 Threshing Mach lab. W
Ada w m 33 O Comberton, Cambs
Maggie d s 12
Grace d 10
Hilda d 8 O
Violet d 4
Broad Green William Flack Snr h m 58 Agric. labourer W
Lucy w m 58
Walter s s 13 Farm labourer W
Broad Green Maria Starr Wdr s 72 Lt Hadham, Herts
Nellie Green visitor s 12
Broad Green Thomas Charles Pigg h m 47 Farmer E
(Gentleman’s Farm) Charlotte w m 37 Barley, Herts
Martin Howard s 5
Dorothy Howard d 1
Martha Ann sister s 44
Emily Flack serv s 14 Gen.Domestic Servant
Broad Green Frederick Wells Jnr h m 37 Thrashing Machinist E Comberton, Cambs
Alice w m 32 E
Sarah d 7
Alice d 5
James s 3