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1861 Census

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The 1861 Census Return for Chrishall, Essex UK.


This entry has been copied from data kindly supplied by Angela Philips of Melbourne Australia. Angela is distantly related to the Brooks, Cranwell and Clarke families of Chrishall but her main interest is the Law family of Clavering. Whilst great care has been taken in copying the data, complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Genealogists should check with the Public Records Office or any of the family history websites such as Ancestry, if in any doubt. The enumerator’s spelling (eg Marther) has been retained.

What has also been retained are the enumerator’s comments which are lovely.  The enumerator was Mr Joseph Newman and while he starts off very organised he obviously got rather disillusioned, either with the job of enumerator or the people of Chrishall or both.  Towards the end of the return he starts to write down exactly what he is being told.  So we have entries for the question “Where Born” as “Go and ask I don’t care”, “He won’t tell because he don’t know” and “Folks can’t tell”. These are actual comments written in the return along with notes and question marks.  While obviously accurate information is important it brings it all much more to life! Enjoy!

(Total 643 persons)


Address Name Relation to Head Cond M F Occupation Where Born (otherwise in Chrishall Essex)
Church St James Guiver Hd m 46 Ag. Lab
Sarah Guiver Wife m 43
Hannah Guiver Dau Un 17
Walter John Guiver Son Un 4
Church St. James Wallman Hd m 38 Beer Shop & Blacksmith Heydon, Essex
Lion & Gate Beer shop Sarah Wallman Wife m 37 Heydon, Essex Geo.
Edward Wallman Son Un 13 Heydon, Essex
Sarah Ann Wallman Dau Un 10
Emma Eliz Wallman Dau Un 6
Mary Jane Wallman Dau Un 4
Harriet B Wallman Dau Un 3
Henery Wallman Lodger Un 44 Shoe Maker Heydon, Essex
James H. Greenhill Lodger Wid 56 Bricklayer Chatham, Kent
3 Church St. Joseph Young Hd Wid 57 Ag. Lab Elmdon, Essex
Caroline Young Dau Un 27
Esther Ward Visitor Un 19
James Smith Hd m. 33 Ag. Lab Chesterford, Essex
Sarah Smith Wife m 36
Charley Smith Son Un 3
Ann Smith Dau ? Un 4 wks?
5 Church St Ebenezer Miller Hd m 27 Ag Lab
Betsey Miller wife m 26
George Miller son Un 13
Breans Miller son?
6 Church St. George Woods Hd m 60 Ag Lab .
Eliza Woods Wife m 40
Rebecca Woods dau Un 13
Fred Woods son Un 4 Not stated
7 Church St Joseph Newman Hd m 48 Farmer & Shop Keepr
Elizabeth Newman wife m 44 Melbourn, Cambridgeshire
Robert Newman son Un 16
William Newman son Un 11
George Newman son Un 3
Sarah Cane Serv Un 24 Stansted, Herts
9Church St William Jeffery Hd m 24 Blacksmith Arkesden, Essex
Elizabeth Jefferey wife m 25 Barkingside, Essex
William Adams Son before marriage 3 3 Bury St Edmonds,Suffolk
George Jefferey son 1
Henry Bradford Lodger Wid. 58 Pauper Barkingside
Ann Dau (Bradford?) Lodger Un 22 Barkingside
8 Church St Rebekah Jeffery Hd Left by husband 65 Pauper
Thomas Jeffery s un 26 Ag Lab Arkesden Essex
Susan Jeffery d un 21
Louisa Jeffery d un 17
10 Church St William Clark Hd m 59 Ag. Lab.
Amelia Clark wife m 51 Elmdon, Essex
11Church St. Maryann Corbey Hd widow 30 Pauper Clavering, Essex
George Corbey son un 13 Ag Lab
Enock Corbey son un 8
William Corbey son un 7
Walter Corbey son un 4
Joseph Corbey son un 2
12Church St. William Challis hd m 42 Elmdon, Essex
Sarah Challis wife m 36 Arkesden, Essex
Eliza Challis dau un 14
Mary Ann Challis dau un 11
John Challis Son un 6
13 Church St Peter Nash Hd m 44 Farmer 64 ac. 1 man 2 boys Chesterford
Emma Nash wife m 40
Marther Nash mother widow 75 Chesterford
14 Church St Josiah Cane Hd m 54 Shoe maker
Sarah Cane wife m 50 Elmdon
Joseph Cane son un 28 Shoe maker Elmdon
Tubal Cane son un 19 Shoe maker Stansted, Herts
Philip Cane son un 17 Shoe maker
Henery Cane son un 15
Lydia Cane dau un 13
George Cane son un 9
Elizabeth Jane dau un 6
15 Church St Charles Wright Hd m 41 Ag Lab
Marther Wright wife m 39
Stephen Wright son un 14
John Jeffrey Wright son un 8 scholar
Emma Jane Wright dau un 5 scholar
Susannah Wright dau un 3 scholar
William George Wright Son un 1
16 Church St. Stephen Clements Hd m 46 Labourer Elmdon
Julia Clements wife m 48 Elmdon
Josphane Emiley Clements dau un 12 scholar
Lavinia Butter Niece Niece un 11 scholar
17 Church St William Brooks Hd m 44 Thatcher
Ameailer Brooks wife m 46 Church St. Bethnal Gn. London
Jonathan Brooks son un 23 Ag Lab
Aurthur Brooks son un 19 Ag Lab
Josiah Brooks son un 18 Ag Lab
Mark Brooks son un 16 Ag lab
Luke Brooks son un 14 Ag Lab
James Brooks son un 7 Scholar
18 Church St. John Smith Hd m 68 Ag lab
Ann Smith wife m 76 Cotten Cambridgeshire
19 Church St Breans Miller Hd m 54 Parish Church Clerk
Phoebe Miller wife m 52
Harriet Miller dau un 11
Cornalus Miller son un 9
20 Church St Stephen Jeffrey Hd m 28 Woodman Arkesden, Essex
Marther Jeffrey wife m 36 Woodman’s wife Elmdon, Essex
Lyidia Jefery dau un 3
John George Jeffery son un 1
21 Church St John Living Hd Brother? 64 Yeoman
Elizabeth Law widow 67 Housekeeper Finchingfield
Thomas Brand Hd m 55 Ratcatcher
Lidia Brand wife m 41
Robert Brand s un 16
John Brand s un 13
Mary Brand d un 10
Emma Brand d un 4
William Brand s un 1
23 Church Rd Robert Geen H. Ware Hd m 34 Vicar of Chrishall Scotland
Vicarage Ellen Barnsley H. Ware. wife m 36
Hannah Stuart s-in – law un 42 Co…
Charlotte W. H. Ware. dau un 10 Scotland
Catherine C. Rilbee. visitor un 64 Lawyers Dau. Ireland
Robert Stuart H. Ware. s un 8 Scholar Mountnessing, Essex
James R. J. Hubert Ware. s un 7 Scholar South End? Essex
George H. H. Ware s un 2 Fourkham? Kent
Catherine R. H. Ware d un 1 mnth Chrishall
Mary Graydon servant un 28 Nurse Berwick on Tweed
Mary Funsdon? servant ? Un House maid Leamington? Wiltshire.
25 Building End Charles Brand Hd m 50 Agric lab
Mary Brand wife m 47
Ann Brand dau un 11
Stephen Brand son un 7
24 Chiswick Hall Edwin Brand Hd m 39 Farmer 35 Ac. 2 men. 5 boys Chrishall
Sarah Brand wife m 35 (I have sent twice and they will put it down)
Walter Brand s un 9
Mary Jones Brand dau un 5
Sarah Caroline Brand dau un 1
Ann Young servant un 15
Marther Pledger servant un 15 not stated
26 Building End Thomas Rogers Hd widower 55 Agric lab
Ann Rogers dau un 26
George Flack son-in-law m 23 Agric lab
Marther Flack wife m 21
Philip Flack son un 3
Peter Flack son un 1
27 Building End Jabez Rumbell Hd m 45 Ag Lab Little B? Cambs
Mary Rumbell wife m 42 Chrishall
Joseph Rumbell s un 19
Emma Rumbell d un 16
Rachel Rumbell s un 14
Jhoma (?) Rumbell son un 12
Roseetta Rumbell d un 8
Mary Ann Rumbell d un 5
28 Building End William Cranwell Hd m 42 Agric lab Chrishall
Jane Cranwell wife m 35 Duxford, Cambridgeshire
George Cranwell s un 16
Mary Ann Cranwell d un 11
Seliner Cranwell d un 10
James Cranwell s un 10
Ester Cranwell s un 8
Premer Cranwell s un 7 not stated
Thomas Cranwell d un 6
Oswald Cranwell s un 4
William Cranwell s un 2
Marther Cranwell d un 17 mnths
29 Building End William Brand Hd Widower 75 Farmer 470ac. 20 men 6 boys. Elmdon, Essex
John Pettit Servant Un 56 Ag. Lab.
Rebekah Rogers Servant Un 19 General Servant
Urania Cranwell Servant Un 13 General Servant
30 Building End William Law Hd Widower 45 Ag. Lab.
Mary Ann Law Dau Un 19
33 Building End James Drury Hd m 28 Ag. Lab Abington Cambridgeshire
Lydia Drury Wife m 28 Elmdon, Essex
Jane Drury Dau Un 3
Walter Drury Son Un 8 mnths
31 Building End John Smith Hd m 37 Ag. Lab Langley, Essex
Susan Smith Wife m 30 Langley, Essex
James Smith Son Un 9? Langley, Essex
Emily Smith Dau Un 10 Langley, Essex
William Smith Son Un 6 Chrishall. Essex
Mary Smith Dau Un 4
David Smith Son 2
Thomas Smith Son 8 mo
32 Building End Nathan Pitches Hd m 40
Elizabeth Pitches Wife m 38 Ag. Lab
Caroline Pitches Dau Un 15
Amos Pitches Son Un 13
Emiley Pitches Dau Un 11
Selina Pitches Dau Un 9
George Pitches Son Un 6
William Pitches Son Un 2
Elizabeth Pitches Dau Un 8mo
34 Building End Robert Brand In the house 48 Partnership with No 29.
35 Building End David Drury Hd m 54. Ag. Lab. Sen f.on Little Suffolk
Mary Drury Wife m 55 Steeple Morden. Cambridgeshire
Eliza Drury Dau Un 17 Cambridgeshire. Abington. Pigotts
Thomas Drury Son Un 15 Cambridgeshire. Abington. Pigotts
Stephen Drury Son Un 13 Cambridgeshire. Abington. Pigotts
37 Building End William Purkis Hd m 44 Game Keeper Cambridgeshire, Hildersham
Betsy Purkis Wife m 37 Laundress Cambridgeshire, Hildersham
Barton Purkis Son Un 14 Errand Boy Cambridgeshire, Hildersham
Pheboeba Purkis Dau Un 13 Scholar Cambridgeshire, Hildersham
Lucy Purkis Dau Un 11 Scholar Cambridgeshire, Hildersham
Betsy Purkis Dau Un 8 Scholar Cambridgeshire, Landwade
Mary Ann Purkis Dau Un 6 Scholar Cambridgeshire, Little Girton
John William Purkis Son Un 4 Cambridgeshire. Little Girton
Charles Purkis Son 1 Chrishall, Essex
38 White Lane Lettice Lofts Hd Widow 74 Pauper Barley, herts
39White Lane Elizabeth Bradford Hd Widow 46 Pauper
Susan Bradford Dau Un 17
James Bradford Son Un 15
Emma Bradford Dau Un 9
Ester Bradford Dau Un 6
40 White Lane Stephen Clemants Hd m 77 Shepherd Elmdon, Essex
Sarah Clemants Wife m 73 Elmdon, Essex
Mariah Clemants Dau Un 36 Elmdon, Essex
Mary S. Sears Gran-Dau Un 5 Scholar Elmdon, Essex
41 White Lane Elizabeth Butter Hd Widow 83 Pauper
Christmas Flack Gr-Son Un 10
42 White Lane John Nottage Hd m 44 Shepherd Arkesden, Essex
Mary Nottage Wife m 48 Chesterford, Essex
Peter Nottage Son Un 19 Ag. Lab Elmdon, Essex
Josiah Nottage Son Un 13 Shepherd Boy Elmdon, Essex
Allen Nottage Son Un 10 Plough Boy Elmdon, Essex
Martha Nottage Dau Un 6 Scholar Elmdon, Essex
43 White Lane Edward Bird Hd m 58 Ag. Lab Arkesden, Essex
Ann Bird Wife m 57 Clavering, Essex
Miria Bird Dau Un 5 Chrishall, Essex
Joseph Bird Son Un 2
James Bird Son Un 4 mo
44.Parsonage Farm House Joseph Downham Hd m 60 Farmer 500ac. 19men, 4 boys. Chrishall, Essex
Eliza Downham Wife m 47 Saffron Walden, Essex
Robert Dean Foreman Widower 62 Bailiff Melbourn, Cambridgeshire
Ann Clark Servant Un 19 House Servant Chrishall, Essex
45 White Street Edward Tinworth Hd m 31 Ag. Lab Elmdon, Essex
Sarah Tinworth Wife m 31 Ickleton, Cambridgeshire
Emma Tinworth Dau Un 11 Chrishall, Essex
George Tinworth Son Un 9
Susan Tinworth Dau Un 7
Walter Tinworth Son Un 4
Elizabeth Tinworth Dau Un 2
Mary Flack Aunt Un 55 No Chrishall, Essex
46 White Street Nicholas Soole Hd m 52 Carpenter Ickleton, Cambidgeshire
Susan Soole Wife m 47 Ickleton, Cambridgeshire
George Soole Son Un 17 Apprentice Chrishall, Essex
Richard Soole Son Un 10 Scholar
Emma Soole Dau Un 6 Scholar
William Soole Son Un 5
Elizabeth Soole Dau Un 2
47 White Street John Wilkerson Hd m 36 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Jane Wilkerson Wife m 38 Barkway, Herts
Mary Wilkerson Dau Un 17 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
James Wilkerson Son Un 15 Ag. Lab
Carthuta? Wilkerson Son Un 12 Scholar
Joseph Wilkerson Son Un 10 Scholar
Thomas Wilkerson Son Un 5 Scholar
Martha Wilkerson Dau Un 2
48 White Street Phoeby Hervey Hd m 36 Ag Lab (Husband in Prison) Langley, Essex
Peter Hervey Son Un 17 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Lucy Hervey Dau Un 12 Ag. Lab
Selinah Hervey Dau Un 8 Scolar
Walter John Hervey Son Un 5
49 White Street Thomas Corbey Hd m 55 Machinist Chrishall, Essex
Letty Corbey Wife m 45 Barley, Herts
50 White Street John Flack Hd m 47 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Elizabeth Flack Wife m 41
Lydia Flack Dau Un 19 Ag. Lab
John Flack Son Un 16 Ag. Lab
Enfield Flack Son Un 13 Ag. Lab
James Flack Son Un 7 Ag. Lab
Martha Flack Dau Un 4
Joseph Flack Son Un 2
58 White Street Joseph Flack Hd m 40 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Emma Flack Wife m 38
William Flack Son Un 16 Ag. Lab
Mary Flack Dau Un 15
Maria Flack Dau Un 13
Robert Flack Son Un 10
Diniah Flack Dau Un 6
Ann Flack Dau Un 4
Betsey Jane Flack Dau Un 2 Chrishall, Essex
51 White Street William Rogers Hd m 45 Ag. Lab
Sarah Rogers Wife m 40 Heydon, Essex
Harriet Rogers Dau Un 11 Scholar
Moses Rogers Son Un 9
52 White Street Mary Jeffery Hd Widow 76 Pauper
Sarah Wright Gr. Dau Un 12 Scholar
53 White Street Ann Wright Hd Widow 81 Pauper
54 White Street John Kemp Hd m 67 Ag. Lab
Mariah Kemp Wife m 60 Gt. Chishill, Essex
Edward Kemp Son Un 16 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Presella Kemp Gr. Dau 2 Pimlico London
55 White Street John Star Jnr. Hd m 27 Ag. Lab
Susan Star Wife m 27 Chishill, Essex
86 White Street William Clark Hd m 21 Ag. Lab
Caroline Clark Wife m 21
Dennis Clark Son 11 mo
57 White Street John Star Hd m 61 (64) Ag. Lab Heydon. Essex
Mary Star Wife m 61 Arkesden, Essex
Joseph Bradfield Lodger Un 47 Ag. Lab
69 Hogsend Lane William Day Hd m 42 Ag. Lab Radwinter, Essex
Martha Day Wife m 40 Chesterford, Essex
James Day Son Un 16 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Sarah Ann Day Dau Un 14
Thomas Day Son Un 11
John Day Son Un 8
Edward Day Son Un 5
68 Hogsend Lane Thomas Drage Hd m 24 Machineman Barley, Herts
Mary Drage Wife m 30 Heydon, Essex
67 Pumpkin Row Joseph Clark Hd m 41 Ag. Lab Foulmire, Cambridgeshire
Caroline Clark Wife m 48 Gt. Morden.
Charles Clark Son Un 15 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Thomas Clark , Son Un 12 (13 or 14) Chrishall, Essex
George Clark Son Un 8
Susan Clark Dau Un 5
66 Pumpkin Row William Star Hd m 37 Ag. Lab
Maria Star Wife m 33 Little Haddom. Herts
Mary Ann Star Dau Un 11
Emily Star Dau Un 9
Arther Star Son Un 7
Charlotte Star Dau Un 5
Joshua Star Son Son Un 2
Jonathan Star Son Un 3 mnths
65 Pumpkin Row Philip Rogers Hd Widower 47 Ag. Lab
Hannah Rogers Dau 16
Noah Rogers Son Un 10
64 Pumpkin Row Joseph Rumbell Hd m 69 Shepherd Gt. Chishill, Essex
Elizabeth Rumbell Wife m 71 Long How? Cambridgeshire
John Rumbell Son Un 32 Ag. Lab
63 Pumpkin Row Joseph Law Hd m 60 Ag. Lab
Mary Law Wife m 67 Limerick, Ireland
John Law Son Un 28 Ag. Lab
Mary Ann Law Gr. Dau Un 10 Ag. Lab
James Mussell Lodger Un 20 Ag. Lab Heydon, Essex
62 Pumpkin Row Peter Rogers Hd m 28 Ag. Lab
Mary Rogers Wife m 26 Barley, Herts
Sarah Rogers Dau Un 3
Timothy Rogers Son Un 1
61 Pumpkin Row John Law Hd m 30 Ag. Lab
Elizabeth Law Wife m 20
Harriet Law Un Dau 7
Rebecca Law Un Dau 5
Martha Law Un Dau 2
60 Pumpkin Row James Law Hd m 44 Ag. Lab
Mary Law Wife m 50 Schoolmistress Newport, Essex
Elizabeth Law Dau Un 30 ? (Illegible) Chrishall, Essex
George Law Son Un 18 Ag. Lab
Philip Law Son Un 14 Ag. Lab
59 Nofolk House Joseph Howard Downham Hd m 28 Yeoman Saffron Walden, Essex
Sarah Ann Downham Wife 27 Elmdon, Essex
Beatrice Ann Downham Dau Un 3
Mary Wright Servant Un 14 House Servant
70 White St. Red Cow Public House James Pittches Hd Widower 49 Publican
James Cane Lodger m 35 Ag. Lab
Hannah Cane Wife m 33
Ellanah Brand Dau Un 11 Scholar
Mary Jane Cane Dau Un 2
James Cane Son Un 7mo
71 Broad Green James Francis Hd m 36 Ag. Lab
Mary Ann Francis Wife m 34 Newport, Essex
Rachel Francis Elizabeth Dau Un 10 Saffron Walden, Essex
Francis Dau Un 7 Chrishall, Essex
Ann Francis Dau Un 5
Sarah Francis Dau Dau Un 3
George Francis Son Son Un 6mnths
72 Broad Green John Cranwell Hd Widower 46 Ag. Lab
Hannah Cranwell Dau Un 20 Ag. Lab
Clara Cranwell Dau Un 16 Ag. Lab
Jonathan Cranwell Son Un 14
Buttler Cranwell Son Un 12
75 Broad Green William Taylor Hd m 44 Ag. Lab Walden. Essex
Harriett Taylor Wife m 42 Saffron Walden
Elizabeth Taylor Dau 10 Saffron Walden
Lousia Taylor Dau Un 7 Chrishall, Essex
Mary Jane Taylor Dau Un 5
Caroline Taylor Dau Un 3
Robert Taylor Son Un 1
74 Broad Green George Jeffery Hd m 36 Carter. 1 man. Chrishall, Essex
Rebecca Jeffery Wife m 36
John Andrews Servant Un 38 Ag. Lab
Joseph Walter Cranwell Lodger Un 18 Ag. Lab
73 Broad Green James Corbey Hd m 30 Ag. Lab
Martha Corbey, Wife m 22
Charles Corbey Son Un 2
76 Broad Green Thomas Pigg Hd m 49 Farmer 144ac. 3 men. 2 boys. Deaf from 5 yo. Chrishall
Ann Pigg Wife m 45 Dunmow, Essex
Mary Pigg Sister Un 47 Chrishall ,Essex
Martha Ann Pigg Dau Un 4
Robert Pigg Brother Un 42
77 Broad Green Mary Ann Wright Servant Un 15 House Servant Chrishall,
Henery Ellcock Hd m 33 Ag. Lab Elmdon, Essex
Eliza Ellcock Wife m 31 Chrishall, Essex
John Ellcock Son Un 11
Fordham Ellcock Son Un 7 Scholar
Emma Elizabeth Ellcock Dau Un 4
Lettice Brooks Mother in Law 59 Laundress Elmdon, Essex
78 Broad Green John Cowell Hd Widower 57 Ag. Lab Hull, Yorkshire
Susan Pettitt Dau Un 1- (illegible) Chrishall, Essex
79 Broad Green William Mussell Hd m 24 Ag. Lab Royston. Herts
Eliza Mussell Wife m 21 Chrishall, Essex
Mary Ann Ruth Dau Un 1
80 Broad Green Joseph Rogers Hd m 49 Carpenter Chrishall, Essex
Sarah Rogers Wife m 45 Pathermore heath
Samuel Rogers Son Un 16
Amos Rogers Son Un 15
James Rogers Son Un 11
Emma Rogers Dau Un 9
Martha Rogers Dau Un 3 Twin
Mary Rogers Dau Un 3 Twin
Ann Rogers Dau infant 1
81 Broad Green William Maning Hd m 56 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Rebecca Maning Wife m 53
Thomas Maning Son Un 19 Ag. Lab
Sarah Maning Dau Un 16
82 Broad Green William Hager Hd m 60 Ag. Lab England
Onnah Hager Wife m 60 England
83 Abrames Lane Charles Green Hd m 52 Ag. Lab Bearden, Essex
Susan Green Wife m 42 Bearden, Essex
Charles Green Son Un 16 Ag. Lab Bearden, Essex
John Green Son Un 14 Ag. Lab Bearden, Essex
Amma Green Dau Un 10 Scholar Chrishall, Essex
Elizabeth Green Dau Un 9 Scholar Bearden, Essex
George Green Son Un 4 Chrishall, Essex
William Green Son Un 1 Chrishall, Essex
Emma Green Dau Un 6 (?) (not stated)
84 Abrahams Lane George Rogers Hd m 40 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Susan Rogers Wife m 35 Heydon, Essex
Rahomey ? Rogers Dau Un 15 Chrishall, Essex
Daivey Rogers Son Un 10
Marthar Rogers Dau Un 8
Elias Rogers Son Un 4
Eliza Rogers Dau Un 2
James Rogers Son Un 6wks
85 Abrhams Lane Mary Ann Smith Hd Widow 40 Pauper Chesterford, Essex
Aurther Smith Son Un 15 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
John Smith Son Un 12 Ag. Lab
Matildia Smith Dau Un 10
Omla ? Smith Dau Un 5
116 not at home James Cane Hd Un (crossed out on film)
87 Mill Causeway Thomas Beanes Hd Widower 49 Miller’s Lab? Chrishall, Essex
Sarah Button Un 38 House Keeper
Thomas Beanes Son Un 18 Miller
Charles Boman Beanes Son Un 15 Scholar
John Wisken Beanes Son Un 13 Scholar
88 Mill Causeway Thomas Baker Hd m 57 Shoemaker
Mary Baker Wife m 56?
John Baker Son Un 21 Ag. Lab
William Baker Son Un 19 Shoe Maker
Susan Baker Dau Un 13 scholar
89 Mill Causeway Edward Morris
(Recorder’s note: Above seems to be crossed out on film)
Hd Un? Carpenter Unknown
90 Crawley End Stephen Wright Hd Widower 69 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
William Slattr ? Son in Law m 25 Ag. Lab
Sarah Naomah ? Wife m 27
Mary Jane Dau Un 1
91 Crawley End John Pigg Hd m 50 Carrier Chrishall, Essex
Susannah Pigg Wife m 47
Henery Wattson Son in Law m 28 Ag. Lab Hendon ? Essex (Heydon?)
Ann Wattson Wife m 22 Chrishall, Essex
Thomas Pigg Son Un 18 Ag. Lab
Eliza Pigg Dau Un 17 Scholar
Harriett Pigg Dau Un 12 Scholar
Frederick Cranwell Lodger Un 24 Ag. Lab
92 Crawley End Mary Butter Hd Widow 69 Pauper Chrishall, Essex
John Butter Son Widower 50 Ag. Lab
Susan Butter Gr. Dau Un 17
Abram Butter Gr. Son Un 14 Ag. Lab
James Butter Gr. Son Un 12 Scholar
93 Crawley End Robert Brand Hd m 24 Ag. Lab
Jemima Brand Wife m 19
Susan Brand Dau Un 8mo
94 Crawley End Thomas Creek Hd Widower 79 Pauper Roydon, Essex
Lettice Carter Dau Widow 46 Chrishall, Essex
Lydia Carter Gr. Dau Un 21 Chrishall, Essex
95 Crawley End John Andrews Hd Widower 74 Road Lab Chrishall, Essex
Ann Andrews Dau Un 25
128 Crawley End Thomas Creek Hd m 29 ? Shepherd
Lydia Creek Wife m 30 Foulmire, Cambridgeshire
Ann Wilkerson Creek Dau Un 6 Scholar Chrishall, Essex
Susan Creek Dau Un 1
Charlotte Creek Dau Un 1 mo
96 Crawley End Ann Pottrell Hd Widow 57 Pauper
John Pottrell Son Un 38 Ag. Lab
Rebecca Pottrell Dau Un 21
Richard Pottrell Son Un 19 Ag. Lab
Sophia Pottrell Dau Un 15
Alfred Pottrell Son Un 10
David Pottrell Gr. Son Un 8?
97 Crawley End Joshua Brand Hd m 58 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Ann Brand Wife m 56
Aurther Brand Son Un 18 Ag. Lab
Alfred Brand Son Un 14
98 Crawley End Ann Cowell Hd Widow 59 Pauper Littlebury, Essex
Samuel Cowell Son Un 21 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
John Cowell Son Un 18 Ag. Lab
Hannah Burrows Dau Mar 28 Ag. Lab’s Wife
Lousia Burrows Gr. Dau 1 Barley, H
99 Crawley End Charles Harvey Hd m 23 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Emma Harvey Wife m 20
Marther Harvey Dau Un 2
Ann Harvey Dau Un 11mo
100 Crawley End Alles Hagger Hd Widow 80 Pauper 1Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire
101 Crawley End Peter Brand Hd m 47 Ag Lab Chrishall, Essex
Eliza Brand Wife m 40
Joseph Brand Son Un 18 Ag Lab
John Brand Son Un 15 Ag Lab
Emma Brand Dau Un 10 Scholar
Susan Brand Dau Un 7 Scholar
Oster Brand Dau Un 4
102 Crawley End Sarah Cranwell Hd Widow 66 Pauper Dudenhoe End, Essex
Maah ? Cranwell Gr. Dau Un 14 Chrishall, Essex
Fanny Cranwell Gr. Dau Un 10 mo
103 Crawley End Charles Brooks Hd m 30 Ag. Lab
Mary Brooks Wife m 30
Emmely Cowell Dau Un 6
Sarah Ann Brooks Dau Un 7 mo
104 Crawley End Joseph Law Hd m 33 Ag. Lab
Ann Law Wife m 33
105 Crawley End James Pittches Hd m 69 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Sarah Pittches Wife m 68 Meldidth ? (Meldreth) Cambridgeshire
Hannah Beadle Dau m 26 Chrishall, Essex
Sarah Beadle Gr. Dau Un 18 ? mo Shaftesbury Place, London
106 Crawley End Timothy Harvey Hd m 51 Ag. Lab. Elmdon, Essex
Heneritta Harvey Wife m 52 Chrishall, Essex
Louisa Kemp Dau Un 26
Samuel Harvey Son Un 21 Ag. Lab
Ellis Harvey Son Un 17 Ag. Lab
George Harvey Son Un 13 Ag. Lab
107 Crawley End Joseph Cane Hd Widower 59? Ag. Lab
Mary Cane Dau Un 15
108 Mary Julia Brand Hd Widow 31 Grocer & Draper Chishill, Essex
Mary Maria Brand Dau Un 7 Chrishall, Essex
William Robert Brand Son Un 5
Julia Martha Brand Dau Un 2
Martha Jane Dawson Servant Un 21 Fulbourn, ?Cambridgeshire
Elizabeth Hervey Servant Un 15 House Servant. Chrishall, Essex
109 Broad Green William Brand Hd m 54 Ag. Lab
Elizabeth Brand Wife m 52 Chishill, Essex
George Brand Son Un 17 Ag. Lab Chishill, Essex
Stephen Brand Son Un 13 Ag. Lab Chishill, Essex
Nathan Brand Son Un 10 Chrishall, Essex
110 Crawley End
Wire Farm
Robert Crane Hd m 57 Farm Bailiff. 300 ac.13 men. 5 boys for Maria
Ellis Suffolk.
-ty St Mary’s.
Mary Crane Wife m 60 Dairy Woman Barley, Herts
111 Crawley End Jobe Hayes Hd Widower. 61 Carrier Chrishall, Essex
Stephen Hayes Son Un 17 Ag. Lab
Elizabeth Hayes Dau Un 13 Scholar
Joseph Hayes Brother Un 63 Ag. Lab
112 Hertford Lane Nathern Andrews 42 Hd m 42 Ag. Lab Ickleton, Cambridgeshire
Sarah Andrews Wife m 41 Chesterford, Essex
Samuel Andrews Son Un 19 Ag. Lab Ickleton
Eliza Andrews Dau Un 17 Ickleton
Lidia Andrews Dau Un 15 Ickleton
Jered Andrews Son Un 13 Ag. Lab Ickleton
Lousia Andrews Dau Un 11 Ickleton
Emmala Andrews Dau Un 9 Ickleton
William Andrews Son Un 7 Ickleton
James Andrews Son Un 5 Ickleton
Henerey Andrews Son Un 2 Chrishall, Essex
113 Redland Hall Henery Smoothy Hd m 53 Shepherd Ickleton, Cambridgeshire
Elizabeth Smoothy Wife m 50 Duxford, Cambridgeshire
Mary Ann Smoothy Dau Un 20 Chrishall, Essex
Agenes Smoothy Dau Un 4 Foulmire, Cambridgeshire
114 Redlands Hall William Butter Hd m 45 Ag. Lab Chrishall, Essex
Martha Butter Wife m 43
David Butter Son Un 19 Ag. Lab
Peter Butter Son Un 11 Ag. Lab
Nathan Butter Son Un 9 Scholar
Eliza Butter Dau Un 6 Scholar
Timothy Butter Son Un 4 Scholar
115 Chrishall Grange Aurther Baynes Hd m 28 Engine Driver Radwinter, Essex
Hariett Baynes Wife m 29 Radwinter, Essex
Jones Baynes Son Un 6 Radwinter, Essex
Charles Baynes Son Un 4 Chrishall Grange, Essex
Elizabeth Bayes Dau Un 1y. 6m Chrishall Grange, Essex
116 Chrishall Grange Alfred Baynes Hd m 30 Ag. Lab Radwinter, Essex
Sarah Baynes Wife m 27 Shudey ? Cambridgeshire
Hannah Baynes Dau Un 7 Scholar Radwinter, Essex
Alaxader Baynes Son Un 5 Scholar Duxford, Cambridgeshire
Emma Baynes Dau Un 3 Scholar Chrishall Grange, Essex
Ernest Albert Baynes Son Un 7mo Chrishall Grange, Essex
117 Chrishall Grange Thomas Law Hd m 39 Ag. Lab Pelham, Herts
Eliza Law Wife m 37 Foulmire, Cambridgeshire
Charles Law Son Un 14 Ag Lab Foulmire, Cambridgeshire
Emlai Law Dau Un 11 Foulmire, Cambridgeshire
Martha Law Dau Un 9 Scholar Foulmire, Cambridgeshire
William Law Son Un 5 Scholar Foulmire, Cambridgeshire
118 Chrishall Grange John Creek Hd m 57 Shepherd Chrishall, Essex
Ann Creek Wife m 54
George Creek Son Un 20 Ag Lab
Stephen Creek Son Un 17 Assistant Shepherd
Jacob Creek Son Un 14 Assistant Shepherd
Emmily Creek Dau Un 10
119 Chrishall Grange George Bacon Hd m 34 Bailiff Saffron Walden, Essex
Emily Bacon Wife m 32 Berden, Essex
120 Chrishall Grange John Archer Hd m 55 Groom Gt. Chesterford, Essex
Eliza Archer m ,, Wife m 52 Gt. Chesterford, Essex
Martha Archer ,, Dau Un 28 (Blind) Gt. Chesterford, Essex
Mary Ann Archer Dau Un 23 Gt. Chesterford, Essex
Jane Archer Dau Un 13 Scholar Gt. Chesterford, Essex
Lucy Cooper Niece Un 20 Gt. Chesterford, Essex
121 Chrishall Grange Thomas Carter Hd m 28 Ag Lab Shudy ? Cambridgeshire
Sarah Carter Wife m 26 Wimbish, Essex
George Andrews Lodger un 23 Ag Lab Radwinter, Essex
Allice Carter Dau un 4 Radwinter, Essex
Emily Carter Dau un 1 Chrishall Grange, Essex
122 Chrishall Grange Obodiah Barker Hd m 38 Gardener Saffron Walden, Essex
Elizabeth Barker Wife m 40 Schoolmistress Comberton, Cambridgeshire
William Alfred Barker Son Un 12 Ag Lab Gt. Chesterford, Essex
Jered Grey Barker Son Un 10 Scholar Gt. Chesterford, Essex
Ann Emiley Barker Dau Un 8 Scholar Gt. Chesterford, Essex
Elizabeth S ? Barker Dau Un 6 Scholar Gt. Chesterford, Essex
Robert Malcolm Barker Son Un 4 Scholar Gt. Chesterford, Essex
Emma Jane Barker Dau Un Chrishall Grange, Essex
Ester Barker Dau  1 Chrishall Grange, Essex
125 Chrishall Grange Samuel Jonas Hd m 58 Farmer many men as req’d for repairs? Gt. Thurlow, Suffolk
Ann Jonas Wife m 52 Shudy Camps, Cambridgeshire
Mary Ann Jonas Dau Un 25 Farmer’s dau. Ickleton, Cambridgeshire
William Jonas Son Un 23 Farmer’s son Ickleton, Cambridgeshire
George Jonas Son Un 21 Ickleton, Cambridgeshire
Fred’k Markham Jonas Son Un 19 Ickleton, Cambridgeshire
Henery Jonas Son Un 16 Scholar Ickleton, Cambridgeshire
Caroline Hays Servant Un 29 Cook Wixoe? Suffolk
Mary Ann Pilgrim Servant Un 21 House Servant Clavering, Essex
Hannah Spicer ? Servant Un 18 House maid Duxford, Cambridgeshire
William Mole Servant Widower 51 Bullock man, Farm Servant. Wimbish, Essex
John Baines Servant Un 23 Bullock man, Farm Servant. Wimbish, Essex
John Baines Servant Un 17 Horsekeeper Radwinter, Essex
123 Chrishall Grange Joseph Swan Hd m 24 Ag Lab Wimbish, Essex
Lydia Swan Wife m 28 Thaxted, Essex
Emma Swan Dau Un 3 Chrishall, Essex
The End excepting the Red
List of Persons not in Houses Grange
Caravan William Shaw Hd m 61 Sieve Mender Strotsfold, ? Herts
Bet Shaw Wife m 60 Unknown
Elijah Shaw Son Un 24 Sieve Mender Unknown
Thomas Shaw Hd Widower 40 Sieve Mender Lampstead ?
William Shaw Son Un 14 Devils Ditch, Sussex
Tent ? Shaw Dau Un 10 Don’t know
Janey more? Shaw Dau Un 8 N.K
Caravan Eliza Shaw Dau Un 8 (Not Stated)
John Shaw Nephew Un 9 He don’t know he say
Cannon Lane Caravan Cornelius Smith Hd m 26 Chair Bottomer? Unknown
Emily Smith Dau 7 ( Not Stated)
Ezekiel Smith Son 5 ( Not Stated)
Davenia Smith Dau 8 ( Not Stated)
Rodona Smith . He wont tell because he don’t know, I fancy him
a son ? (see Mum)
Tent Polly Shaw Wife (Won’t tell) 28 Clothes pegs Go and ask I don’t care
Cannon Lane Tent Ellen Shaw not marr 20 Nothing ? Folskanten?
Avuisa ? Shaw Wife 20 (illegible) ? Folks can’t tell
Cannon Lane. Caravan Rodney Shaw Husband m 35 Gr—- and Umbrella mender I don’t know
Tent John Welch he won’t tell 15? Saucy Not Stated
Cart Alice Buckley Wife m 21 Wire & tinman She thinks somewhere in Kent
Josiah Buckley Husband m 20 Wire & tinman She thinks somewhere in Kent
Samaliana ? Buckley Dau Un 2 She thinks somewhere in Kent
Walter Buckley 5 Royston Heath
Santimalina ? Buckley 18 Wales he told me




D: 1860 C: 19th century


  1. Jennifer Mason

    Thank you for sharing this information. I am a cranwell by birth and my reletives are from Frederick Charles Cranwell and Mary Smoothey. I wasnt expecting to find the smoothey family on the census so it was a surprise. Thank you once again for such an interesting site

    • Rosemarie Gant

      Hello Jennifer – it’s a pleasure – I’m glad you found some useful information.


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