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Great! Thank you!

There are several ways you can support us.


1.  Time is precious, so perhaps just keep us in mind!

When was the last time you heard someone say they had plenty of time or they needed some more to do?  It’s rare if not unheard of these days.  But you can really help the Archive by just bearing us in mind….. A few examples:

  • If you come across documents or artefacts that you think would be of interest to the Archive please let us know.  We can photograph or scan items if people do not want to part with the originals.
  • If you see Chrishall items on auction sites such as Ebay and you don’t think we have the item already, please get in touch.
  • Keep an eye out at local auctions and sales for Chrishall ephemera
  • At house clearance or moving time, if the residents involved had any links with Chrishall see if there are any old photographs or documents tucked away
  • DEEDS – we need your house deeds!  Well we don’t actually need them of course but if we could have a copy of any deeds you have from Chrishall houses then this would really help with our Through the Keyhole project.


2.  Sign up to the newsletter

We aim to produce a bi-monthly newsletter with snippets of Chrishall History along with what’s happening at the Archive.  If you would like to receive a copy please sign up:

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3. Use Easy Fundraising

Effectively free money! When you shop online, we receive a small donation at no extra cost to you. See more details here: https://chrishallessex.co.uk/easy-fundraising/


4.  Financial Donation

Money makes the world go round and Archives are no different.  While we don’t have huge costs it is great to be able to buy Chrishall items when we see them.  If you would like to give a donation we would be very grateful.

Donations will be used for the following:

  • protecting the current collections, for example with the purchase of acid-free storage for photographs and documents
  • purchase of new items that become available such as local postcards on Ebay
  • hall hire and speaker fees for local talks including The Irene Cranwell Memorial Lecture
  • funding the exploration of local history such as geo-physical surveys
  • running the Chrishall History website which incurs costs for hosting the website
  • materials for displays such as paper, toner, printing posters etc.

Please use the donate button below or pop into the Archive when we are open. Thank you again.


If you would like to support the Archive and keep this website running please click the donate button below. All donations go straight to the Archive.

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