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1871 Census

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William Cranwell

1871 Census Return for Chrishall, Essex UK.

(William Cranwell, photo above, appears on the census below.)

These pages have been copied from data kindly supplied by Denise Carr of Swindon. Whilst great care has been taken in copying the data, complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Genealogists should check with the Public Records Office if in any doubt. The enumerator’s spelling (eg Marther) has been retained. Denise’s interest lies in the Flack families of eastern England and details of her data on the Flacks of Chrishall may be found here.

About the Census

The 1871 census was taken on the night of 2nd April, which as usual was a Sunday.  The Enumerator, (the chap who had to go round and collect all the returns) was Mr Charles Pigg.  There is a Charles Pigg included on the census return, the 17 year old son of Thomas and Ann Pigg, farmers living in Broad Green.  So was he the Chrishall Enumerator that night?  I don’t know for sure but it seems possible.  There is a rather good article on the census here with a lovely cartoon from Punch.

I like the way the Housemaid and the Cook at The Vicarage both describe themselves as “Head” of the household.  And how did the Rumble family come to be sleeping in a barn in Church Street….

Here’s the full return:


Address Name Relation to Head Cond Occupation Born in Essex (unless otherwise stated)
Building End George Flack Head Mar 33 Ag Lab
Martha Flack Wife Mar 31
Philip Flack Son 13 Ag Lab
Peter Flack Son 11 Ag Lab
Arthur Flack Son 4
Martha Flack Dau 7 Scholar
Sarah A Flack Dau 1
Charles Brand Head Mar 60 Ag Lab
Mary Brand Wife Mar 57
Stephen Brand Son Unm 17 Ag Lab
Sarah Brand Dau 9
Jabez Rumble Head Mar 53 Ag Lab
Mary Rumble Wife Mar 51
Denis Rumble Son 8 Ag Lab
Jonah Rumble Son 3
Mary A Rumble Dau 15
Agnes Rumble Dau 9
William Cranwell Head Wdr 52 Gardener
George Cranwell Son Wdr 27 Gardener
James Cranwell Son Unm 19 Gardener
Thomas Cranwell Son 17 Ag Lab
Oswald Cranwell Son 15 Ag Lab
William Cranwell Son 13 Ag Lab
Emma Cranwell Dau 4
Janette Cranwell Gchild 2 Arkesden
William Law Head Wdr 54 Ag Lab
Isaac Preston Son in Law Wdr 26 Ag Lab
Robert Brand Head Unm 58 Farmer of 475 acres employ 16 men & 8 boys
Mary A Bayford Housekeeper Unm 64 Housekeeper Bishop Stortford
Amos Pitchers Serv Unm 23 Ag Lab
Thomas Brookes Serv Unm 16 Ag Lab Cambridge
John Reed Head Mar 41 Game Keeper Essex Elmdon
Martha Reed Wife Mar 38 Essex Elmdon
John Reed Son Unm 13 Ag Lab Essex Elmdon
Frank Reed Son 6m Essex Chrishall
Martha Reed Dau 7
Mary Reed Dau 5
Hannah Reed Dau 4
Amelia Reed Dau 3
Eliza Reed Dau 2
James Drury Head Mar 38 Ag Lab Cambridgeshire Abbington
Lydia Drury Wife Mar 37
Walter Drury Son 10
John Drury Son 10m
Jane Drury Dau 13
Rebecca Drury Dau 5
Samuel Abram Head Mar 26 Ag Lab Essex Langley
Lucy Abram Wife Mar 22
Jessie R Abram Dau 4
Nathan Pitches Head Mar 50 Ag Lab
Elizabeth Pitches Wife Mar 47
George Pitches Son 16 Ag Lab
William Pitches Son 12 Ag Lab
David Pitches Son 6
Elizabeth Pitches Dau 10
Sarah A Pitches Dau 8
Lucy C Pitches Dau 2
Nathan Ives Head Mar 30 Ag Lab Essex Langley
Louisa Ives Wife Mar 27 Essex Langley
David Ives Son 6 Scholar
William Ives Son 3
Alice Ives Dau 6m
Daniel Drury Head Mar 66 Ag Lab Cambridgshire Swaffin
Mary Drury Wife Mar 66 Cambridgshire Morden


Stephen Drury Son Unm 23 Ag Lab Cambridgshire Abbington
Sarah Pettet Nurse Wid 63 Nurse Essex Clavering
Chiswick Hall Charles Smith Head Mar 39 Farmer of 350 acres employ 9 men & 6 boys Essex Debden
Sarah A Smith Wife Mar 34 Essex Ickelton
William Smith Son 3 Essex Sampford
Mary J Smith Dau 4 Essex Sampford
Henry S Smith Son 1 Essex Chrishall
Harriet Taylor Serv Mar 52 Ag Labourers Wife Essex Walden
Mary Challis Serv Unm 20 Farm Servant Indor Essex Chrishall
Elizabeth Tinworth Nurse 12 Nurse
Vicarage Hannah Gibbs Head Unm 24 Cook Domestic Cambs Melbourn
Ann Smith Head Unm 23 Housemaid Domestic Gt Yeldham
Arthur Brook Groom Mar 27 Groom Domestic Essex Chrishall
Susan Brook Wife Mar 22 St Pancras London
Emma A Brook Dau 2m Essex Chrishall
Emma Newberry Mother Mar 30 Essex Arkesden
Perry Lane John Wilkerson Head Mar 46 Ag Lab
Jane Wilkerson Wife Mar 48 Ag Lab
James Wilkerson Son Unm 25 Ag Lab
Arthur Wilkerson Son Unm 22 Ag Lab
Joseph Wilkerson Son Unm 19 Ag Lab
Thomas Wilkerson Son 14 Ag Lab
George Wilkerson Son 1
Martha Wilkerson Dau 12
Susannah Wilkerson Dau 8 Scholar
Susan Wilkerson Dau 8 Scholar
Stephen Jeffery Head Mar 39 Game Keeper Essex Elmdon
Martha Jeffery Wife Mar 43 Essex Elmdon
George Jeffery Son 13 Scholar Essex Chrishall
Frederick Jeffery Son 10 Scholar
Lydia Jeffery Dau 13
Emma Jeffery Dau 7 Scholar
Harriet Jeffery Dau 1
Chalkey Rd Uninhabited
Ellis Harvey Head Mar 27 Ag Lab
Sarah Harvey Wife Mar 26
William Harvey Son 8 Scholar
Ellis Harvey Son 3 Scholar
Walter Harvey Son 2m
Susan Harvey Dau 5 Scholar
Henry Ellcock Head Mar 42 Farm Lab Essex Elmdon
Eliza Ellcock Wife Mar 41
John Ellcock Son Unm 21 Ag Lab
Fordham Ellcock Son Unm 17 Ag Lab
William Ellcock Son 8 Scholar
Lettice Crooks Mother in Law Wid 68 Essex Elmdon
Joseph Flack Head Mar 29 Ag Lab
Rebecca Flack Wife Mar 29
William Flack Son 8 Scholar
Walter Flack Son 6 Scholar
Edward Flack Son 4 Scholar
Phillis Flack Dau 1
Thomas Roger Father in law Wdr 64 Lab
Elizabeth Negus Head Wid 79 Independent Essex S Walden
Amy King Sister Wid 73 Independent Essex S Walden
High Street Eliza Downham Head Wid 56 Farmer of 500 acres employ 16 men & 4 boys Essex S Walden
Philip Downham Son Unm 18 Farmer’s son
Sarah A Downham Dau in Law Wid 37 Essex Elmdon
Herbert J Downham GrandSon 9 Scholar
Robert Dean Baliff Wdr 65 Farm Baliff Cambs Melbourn
Susannah Litchfield Serv Unm 15 Servant Domest Essex Duddenhoend
High Street Edward Tinworth Head Mar 41 Ag Lab
Sarah Tinworth Wife Mar 40
George Tinworth Son Unm 19 Ag Lab
Charles Tinworth Son Unm 14 Ag Lab
Edward Tinworth Son 8 Scholar
Harriet Tinworth Dau 7 Scholar
Sarah Tinworth Dau 4 Scholar
Florence Tinworth Dau 1
Mary Flack Aunt Wid 66
Nicholas Soole Head Mar 63 Carpenter Cambs Ickleton
Susan Soole Wife Mar 57 Cambs Ickleton
William Soole Son Unm 15
Elizabeth Soole Dau 12
Nathan Loveday Head Mar 29 Shepherd Essex Elmdon
Emma Loveday Wife Mar 30
William Loveday Son 4
Jane Loveday Dau 8
Elizabeth Loveday Dau 2
Samuel Harvey Head Mar 57 Ag Lab Essex Strethall
Phebe Harvey Wife Mar 57 Essex Langley
John Harvey Son Unm 15 Ag Lab
Thomas Corby Head Mar 67 Annuitant
Lettice Corby Wife Mar 54 Herts Barley
John Flack Head Mar 57 Ag Lab
Elizabeth Flack Wife Mar 51
Christmas Flack Son Unm 20 Ag Lab
James Flack Son Unm 17 Ag Lab
Joseph Flack Son Unm 12 Ag Lab
Allan Flack Son 7 Scholar
Martha Flack Dau 14
Joseph Flack Head Mar 50
Emma Flack Wife Mar 47
Robert Flack Son Unm 20 Ag Lab
Charles Flack Son 9 Ag Lab
Elizabeth Flack Dau 12
Susan Flack Dau 7 Scholar
James Bellinghurst Head Mar 51 Retired Police Serjeant Surrey Wallington
Sarah Bellinghurst Wife Mar 50 Wife Kent Woolwich
Emma Bellinghurst Dau 10 Middlesex St Pancras
Mary A Bellinghurst Dau 6 Middlesex St Pancras
Alice Jonston Visitor Unm 19 Dressmaker Middlesex St Pancras
High St James Law Head Wdr 56 Ag Lab
Philip Law Head Mar 25 Ag Lab
Liza Law Wife Mar 25
Susan Law Dau 4 Scholar
John Law Head Mar 40 Ag Lab
Elizabeth Law Wife Mar 39
George Law Son 6
Albert Law Son 3
Martha Law Dau 13
Margaret Law Dau 8
Mary Law Dau 2
Agnes Law Dau 1
John Flack Head Mar 26 Ag Lab
Rachel Flack Wife Mar 26
Samuel Flack Son 8
Frederick Flack Son 4
Dennis J Flack Son 1
Emily Flack Dau 8
James Button Head Mar 25 Ag Lab Essex Elmdon
Hannah Button Wife Mar 24 Essex Elmdon
Samuel Button Son 2 Essex Elmdon
Mary Button Dau 8 Essex Chickney
Enfield Flack Head Mar 23 Ag Lab
Rachel Flack Wife Mar 20 Essex S Walden
Jane Flack Dau 2
James Watts Head Mar 29 Ag Lab Essex Heydon
Hannah Watts Mar Wife 27
Arthur Watts Son 7
Jonah Watts Son 5
Rebecca Watts Dau 2
Luke Brooks Head Mar 23 Ag Lab
Ellen Brooks Wife Mar 21
George Brooks Son 6m
Joseph Clark Head Mar 57 Ag Lab
Catherine Clark Wife Mar 58
Charles Clark Son Unm 25 Ag Lab
George Clark Son Son Unm 18 Ag Lab
Susan Clark Dau Unm 15
William Day Head Mar 52 Ag Lab Essex Radwinter
Martha Day Wife Mar 51 Cambs Gt Chesterford
James Day Son Unm 26 Ag Lab
Thomas Day Son Unm 19
John Day Son Unm 17 Ag Lab
Edward Day Son Unm 13 Ag Lab
James Corby Head Mar 40 Ag Lab
Martha Corby Wife Mar 32
Charles Corby Son 12 Ag Lab
Robert Corby Son 9 Scholar
Jessie Corby Dau 4
John Starr Head Mar 65 Razor Grinder Essex Heydon
Mary Starr Wife Mar 64 Essex Arkesdon
High Street William Clark Head Mar 31 Ag Lab
Caroline Clark Wife Mar 31 PM Local Preacher
Dennis Clark Son 10 Ag Lab
William Clark Son 9 Ag Lab
Henry J Clark Son 1
Elizabeth Clark Dau 7
Emily C Clark Dau 4
Samuel Rogers Head Mar 26 Ag Lab
Emily Rogers Wife Mar 28
Albert Rogers Son 1
Maria Kemp Head Wid 69 Labour’s Widow
Ann Kemp Dau Unm 47
Priscilla Kemp Dau 12 Scholar Middlesex London
William Baker Head Mar 29 Shoemaker
Ann Baker Head Mar 29
Ann Potterel Head Wid 66 Labourers Widow
Alfred Potterel Son Unm 20 Labourer
William Potterel Son 7 Scholar
David Potterel Son 4
Rebecca Potterel Dau Unm 28
Sophia Potterel Dau Unm 26
William Rogers Head Mar 55 Ag Lab
Sarah Rogers Wife Mar 49 Essex Heydon
Moses Rogers Son Unm 19 Ag Lab Essex Heydon
(Red Cow) James Pitches Head Wdr 58 Licensed Victualler Essex Heydon
James Cane Head Mar 45 Ag Lab Lodger
Hannah Cane Wife Mar 24
Mary J Cane Dau Unm 12 Scholar
Lodgers at Pitchers James Cane Son 10 Ag Lab
Jospeh A Cane Son 4 Scholar
Elizabeth Cane Dau 8
School Emma Amey Head Unm 19 School Mistress Gt Saling Essex
Ada Amey Sister Unm 16 Assistant Mistress Gt Saling Essex
Church Street Joseph Newman Head Mar 57 Grocer & Publican
Elizabeth Newman Wife Mar 52 Cambs Melbourn
George Newman Son 13
Chrishall Grange John Creck Head Mar 67 Shepherd Essex Elmdon
Ann Creck Wife Mar 64 Essex Elmdon
Jacob Creck Son Unm 24 Essex Elmdon
Joseph Harvey Head Mar 41 Ag Lab Essex Elmdon
Mary Harvey Wife Mar 44 Essex Elmdon
James Harvey Son Unm 17 Ag Lab Essex Elmdon
George Harvey Son 13 Errand Boy Essex Elmdon
Arthur Harvey Son 9 Ag Lab Essex Elmdon
Jane Harvey Dau 6 Scholar Essex Elmdon
Lisey Harvey Dau 4 Scholar Essex Elmdon
Fanny Harvey Dau 16m Essex Chrishall
Chrishall Grange John Baynes Head Mar 32 Ag Lab Essex Wimbish
Sarah Baynes Wife Mar 26 Cambs Foulmire
Emily M Baynes Dau 4 Scholar
Charles W Baynes Son 2
Elizabeth Baynes Dau 1
Charles Baynes Lodger Unm 17 Ag Lab Essex Wimbish
Eliza Law Head Wid 46 Ag Lab Cambs Foulmire
Charles Law Son Unm 24 Ag Lab Cambs Foulmire
William J Law Son 15 Ag Lab Cambs Foulmire
Martha Law Dau 20 Cambs Foulmire
James Norris Head Mar 25 Groom Essex Heydon
Jane Norris Wife Mar 30 Cambs Whittlesea
Elizabeth Norris Dau 7m Essex Chrishall
John Ryland Head Mar 24 Farm Bailiff Cambs Harston
Susan Ryland Wife Mar 25 Cambs Haslingfield
Annie Ryland Dau 5m Essex Chrishall
Peter Nash [1. Saffron Walden Year book 1872: SW Union (Workhouse): Chrishall Guardian: Peter Nash] Head Mar 54 Farmer of 63 acres employing 3 men
1 boy
Cambs Chesterford
Emma Nash Wife Mar 51 Farmers wife
Martha Nash Mother Wid 85 Cambs Chesterford
Charles Wright Head Wdr 51 Ag Lab
Susanna Wright Dau 13
George Wright Son 11 Ag Lab
Mark Brooks Head Mar 24 Ag Lab
Sarah Brooks Wife Mar 22
James Brooks Son 3
Julia Clements Head Mar 57 Essex Elmdon
Christopher Clements GdSon 8
Amelia Brooks Head Wid 56 Thatcher’s widow London Bethelim Green
James Brooks Son Unm 16 Ag Lab
Jonathan Brooks Head Mar 33 Thatcher
Emily Brooks Wife Mar 30 East India
William Corby Lodger Unm 18 Groom
Breenes Miller Head Mar 64 Parish Clerk Ag Lab
Phebe Miller Wife Mar 62
Cornelius Miller Son Unm 19 Ag Lab
Church Street William Jeffery Head Mar 36 Blacksmith Essex Arkesdon
Elizabeth Jeffery Wife Mar 36 Essex Barking
William A Jeffery Son Unm 15 Ag Lab Suffolk Bury St Edmonds
George Jeffery Son 11 Ag Lab
Jabez Jeffery Son 8 Scholar
Walter Jeffery Son 4 Scholar
Emma Jeffery Dau 9 Scholar
Susan Jeffery Dau 6 Scholar
Josiah Cane Head Mar 64 Shoemaker
Sarah Cane Wife Mar 60 Afflicted
Joseph Cane Son Unm 38 Shoemaker Essex Elmdon
Philip Cane Son Unm 27 Ag Lab
George Cane Son Unm 20 Ag Lab
Elizabeth Cane Dau Unm 16 Shoemakers Dau
George Woods Head Mar 71 Ag Lab
Eliza Woods Wife Mar 50 Essex Clavering
Frederick Woods Son Unm 14 Ag Lab Essex Clavering
Rebecca Woods Dau Unm 22 Essex Clavering
Margaret A Woods Grand Dau 6m Essex Clavering
Ebenezer Miller Head Mar 37 Ag Lab Essex Clavering
Elizabeth Miller Wife Mar 35 Essex Clavering
George Miller Son Unm 13 Ag Lab Essex Clavering
Breenes Miller Son 10 Ag Lab Essex Clavering
Arthur Miller Son 6 Scholar Essex Clavering
Ebenezer Miller Son 4 Scholar Essex Clavering
Harriet Miller Dau 2
Samuel Miller Lodger 5 Scholar
Thomas Drury Head Mar 25 Ag Lab Cambs Abbington
Elizabeth Drury Wife Mar 25
Alfred Drury Son 4 Scholar
Susannah Drury Dau 2
Ellen Drury Dau 1
Caroline Young Head Unm 36 Dressmaker
(The Gate) James Wallman Head Mar 48 Blacksmith & Publican Essex Heydon
Sarah Wallman Wife Mar 47 Essex Heydon
Henry Wallman Brother Unm 54 Shoemaker Essex Heydon
George E Wallman Son Unm 23 Blacksmith Essex Heydon
Emma Wallman Dau Unm 16
Harriet B Wallman Dau Unm 13 Scholar
John S Wallman Son 9 Scholar
Charles F Wallman Son 4
Alice B Wallman Dau 2
Arthur Brand Head Mar 28 Ag Lab
Hannah Brand Wife Mar 27
Sarah A Brand Dau 7 Scholar
James Brand Son 5 Scholar
Harriet Brand Dau 4
Amelia Clark Head Wid 62 W of Ag Lab Essex Elmdon
William Brand Head Mar 64 Ag Lab Essex Chrishall
Elizabeth Brand Wife Mar 62 Essex Gt Chishall
Crawley End George Brand Son Unm 26 Ag Lab
Nathan Brand Son Unm 20 Ag Lab
William Brand Nephew 11 Scholar Orphan
George Brand Nephew 8 Scholar Orphan
Mary J Brand Head Wid 42 Grocer & Draper
Mary M Brand Dau Unm 17 Assistant
William R Brand Son Unm 15 Farmer’s apprentice
Jane Waldock Serv Unm 21 Assistant Herts Ashwell
Mary Weltch Visitor Unm 25 Farmers Dau Cambs Gt Chesterford
Louisa Hagger Do Serv Unm 17 Domestic Serv Essex Langley
Joseph Brand Do Serv Unm 25 Gardener
Maria W Ellis Head Wid 46 Farmer of 300 acres employing
11 men 1 boy 2 girls
Mary A Ellis Dau Unm 18 Fenstanton Hants
Susan Brand Do Serv Unm 17 Domestic Serv
Charles Green Head Mar 25 Ag Lab Essex Berden
Naomi Green Wife Mar 24
Henry C Green Son 3
William Green Son 2
Amos Rogers Head Mar 25 Ag Labourer
Sarah Jame Wife Mar 24 Newmarket
Joseph Cane Head Wdr 69 Ag Lab
Emma J Cane Dau Unm 27
Joseph Cane Head Wdr 69 Ag Lab
Emma J Cane Dau Unm 27
Peter Harvey Head Mar 27 Ag Lab
Mary Harvey Wife Mar 25
Sarah A Harvey Dau Unm 6
Crawley End Emily Harvey Dau 2
Emmaret ? Gr Dau 5
Timothy Harvey Head Mar 59 Ag Lab Essex Duddenhoend
Henrietta Harvey Wife Mar 61
George Harvey Son Unm 22 Ag Lab
Lousia Harvey Dau Unm 34
William Dellow Head Mar 30 Ag Lab Essex Elmdon
Eliza Dellow Wife Mar 30 Essex Elmdon
Samuel Dellow Son 9 Scholar Essex Elmdon
Emily A Dellow Dau 5 Scholar Essex Chrishall
Joseph Dellow Son 2 Essex Chrishall
Samuel Jones Head Mar 69 Farmer of 850 Acres employ 20 men & 24 boys Suffolk Thurlow
Anne Jones Wife Mar 62 Cambs Shudy Camps
Frederick M Jones Son Unm 29 Farmer of 650 acres employ 13 men & 10 boys Cambs Ickleton
Ellen Jones Dau Unm 22 Cambs Ickleton
Alice Reeve Do Serv Unm 22 Domestic Cook Essex Wendon
Eliza Livermore Do Serv Unm 22 Domestic Housemaid Essex Chrishall
Elizabeth Lilley Do Serv 17 Under Housemaid Cambs Ickleton
James A Mootten Head Mar 28 Farm Bailiff Comberton Cambs
Maria Mootten Wife Mar 20 Hunts Fenstanton
Ellen M Mootten Dau 2 Essex Southend
Emily J Mootten Dau 9m Essex Chrishall
Alice L Mootten Sister 13 Companion Cambs Comberton
Robert W Mootten Brother 12 Scholar Cambs Comberton
Sleeps in a barn in Church Street John Rumble Head Mar 42 Ag Lab Essex Chrishall
Margaret Rumble Wife Mar 42 Essex Clavering
Isabella Rumble Dau 8
Elizabeth Rumble Dau 6
John Rumble Son 5
William Button Head Mar 55 Ag Lab
Martha Button Wife Mar 53
Nathan Button Son Unm 19 Ag Lab
Timothy Button Son 14 Ag Lab
Peter Rogers Head Mar 38 Ag Lab
Mary Rogers Wife Mar 36 Herts Barley
Sarah Rogers Dau Unm 13
Timothy Rogers Son 11 Ag Lab
Thomas Rogers Son 8 Scholar
Hephzibah Rogers Dau 3
Tobias Rogers Son 8m
Peter Brand Head Mar 51 Ag Lab
Eliza Brand Wife Mar 50
John Brand Son Unm 25
Esther Brand Dau Unm 14
Annie Brand Dau 9 Scholar
Samuel Andrews Head Mar 29 Ag Lab Cambs Ickelton
Mary A Andrews Wife Mar 26
Julia Andrews Dau Unm 6 Scholar
Isabella Andrews Dau 4
Alice Andrews Dau 1
Samuel Harvey Head Mar 51 Ag Lab
Ann Harvey Wife Mar 30
Elizabeth Harvey Dau Unm 5
Esther Harvey Dau 5m
Crawley End Robert Brand Head Wdr 34 Ag Lab
Joseph Brand Son 7 Scholar
Susan Brand Dau 10
Decima Brand Dau 3
Thomas Pigg Head Mar 28
Lydia Pigg Wife Mar 30 Carrier
Henry G Pigg Son 7 Scholar
Walter J Pigg Son 4
James Pigg Son 2
William C Pigg Son 10m
Joshua Brand Head Mar 69 Ag Lab
Ann Brand Wife Mar 66
Alfred Brand Head Mar 24 Ag Lab
Harriet Brand Wife Mar 22
William H Brand Son 1
Robert Crane Head Mar 67 Ag Lab Suff Stenham
Mary Crane Wife Mar 71 Harts Barley
Charles Harvey Head Mar 33 Ag Lab
Emma Harvey Wife Mar 30
Martha Harvey Dau 12
Ann Harvey Dau 10
Clara Harvey Dau 8
George Harvey Son 7
Frank Harvey Son 2
Crawley End Jason Pigg Head Wdr 61 Ag Lab
John Button Head Wdr 60 Ag Lab
Abram Button Head Mar 26 Ag Lab
Caroline Button Wife Mar 21 Cottered Herts
James Button Brother Unm 22 Ag Lab
William Slater Head Mar 36 Ag Lab
Naarah? Slater Wife Mar 37
George Slater Son 9 Scholar
Stephen Slater Son 3
Mary J Slater Dau 11
Mill Causeway Thomas Baker Head Mar 66 Boot & Shoemaker Essex Little Chishall
Mary Baker Wife Mar 65
Susannah Baker Dau Unm 23 Boot Closer
James Roger Head Mar 28 Ag Lab
Martha Roger Wife Mar 21
Ellen Roger Dau 1
Thomas Preans? Head Wdr 62 Miller
Sarah Button Housekeeper Unm 45 Servant Essex Elmdon
Joseph Button Brother Unm 44 Essex Elmdon Idiot
William Taylor Head Mar 54 Ag Lab Essex Sf Walden
Robert Taylor Son 11 Ag Lab
Mary J Taylor Dau Unm 15
Caroline Taylor Dau 13
Margaret Taylor Dau 8 Scholar
Henry W Taylor Son 5 Scholar
Mill Causeway Arthur Smith Head Mar 25 Ag Lab
Mary A Smith Wife Mar 23
(Blank) Smith Son 1
John Smith Brother Unm 22 Ag Lab
Charles Brooks Head Mar 39 Ag Lab
Mary Brooks Mar 38
Sarah A Brooks Dau 10 Scholar
William Brooks Son 5 Scholar
(Blank) Brooks Son 2
Charles Green Head Mar 63 Ag Lab Essex Berden
Susan Green Wife Mar 55 Essex Clavering
John Green Son Unm 23 Ag Lab Essex Berden
George Green Son 18 Ag Lab
William Green Son 11 Ag Lab
Arthur Green Son 8 Scholar
Broad Green Thomas Drage Head Mar 34 Landowner & Machinist Herts Barley
Mary Drage Wife Mar 40 Essex Heydon
Henry Drage Son 2
Jessie E Drage Dau 5 Scholar
Mary Wallman Relative 14
William Manning Head Mar 66 Ag Lab
Rebecca Manning Wife Mar 65
John Starr Head Mar 36 Ag Lab
Susan Starr Wife Mar 36 Herts Ashwell
William Hagger Lodger Wdr 73 Ag Lab Essex Langley
Broad Green William Flack Head Mar 27 Ag Lab
Lucy Flack Wife Mar 26
Mary Flack Sister Unm 25
Albert Flack Son 7 Scholar
Bartes? Flack Dau 5 Scholar
James Flack Son 2
George Flack Son 1m
William Starr Head Mar 47 Sieve Maker
Maria Starr Wife Mar 42 Little Hadon
Arthur Starr Son Unm 17 Shepherd
Joshua Starr Son 13 Ag Lab
Walter Starr Son 9 Scholar
George Starr Son 7 Scholar
Emily Starr Dau 19
Fanny Starr 2
Thomas Pigg Head Mar 59 Farmer of 165 acres employ 4 men & 2 boys
Ann Pigg Wife Mar 53 Essex Dunmow
Charles T Pigg Son Unm 17 Farmers son
Mary E Pigg Dau 20
Martha A Pigg Dau 14
Robert Pigg Brother 53 Ag Lab
Mary Pigg Sister 57
George Jeffrey Head Mar 45 Ag Lab
Rebecca Jeffrey Wife Mar 44
Mary Jeffrey Mother Wid 84 Lab
Broad Green Joseph Rogers Head Mar 59 Carpenter
Sarah Rogers Wife Mar 55 Albury Herts
Mary A Rogers Dau 13
Martha Rogers Dau 13
Annie Rogers Dau 12
Jonah Rumble Head Mar 22 Shepherd
Eliza Rumble Wife Mar 20 Herts Barley
Ellen Rumble Dau 9m
Walter Corby Lodger 13 Ag Lab
Joseph Corby Lodger 12 Ag Lab
James Francis Head Mar 48 Ag Lab
Mary Francis Wife Mar 43 Essex Newport
George Francis Son 10
Sarah Francis Dau 13
Emily Francis Dau 8
Beatrice Francis Dau 4
Alice Francis Dau 2
Fanny Francis Dau 2
Broad Green George Rogers Head Wdr 53 Ag Lab
David Rogers Son Unm 20 Ag Lab
Martha Rogers Dau 17
Elias Rogers Son 14 Ag Lab
Eliza Rogers Dau 12
James Rogers Son 9
Sleeps in Stable Robert Pitches Head Unm 50 Ag Lab Essex Elmdon Camb Blind
Hertford Lane Nathan Andrews Head Mar 50 Ag Lab Camb Ickleton
Sarah Andrews Wife Mar 50 Camb Chesterford
Emily Andrews Dau Unm 18 Camb Ickleton
William Andrews Son 16 Ag Lab Camb Ickleton
James Andrews Son 14 Ag Lab Camb Ickleton
Henry Andrews Son 12 Ag Lab
Alan Andrews Son 9
Nathan Andrews Son 7 Scholar
Stephen Andrews Grand Son 5
Chrishall Grange John Creck Head Mar 67 Shepherd Essex Elmdon
Ann Creck Wife Mar 64 Essex Elmdon
Jacob Creck Son Unm 24 Essex Elmdon
Joseph Harvey Head Mar 41 Ag Lab Essex Elmdon
Mary Har