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The development of CAG

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Chrishall Archive Group is a group of individuals who are interested in researching and preserving the village history.

The first official meeting of CAG was Thursday 3rd November 2016.  However there had been informal meetings before that to share village stories and photographs.  And in fact the CAG group in its informal capacity organised its first event with a talk at the church on September 15th 2016.  This was a talk given by Susan Curran on The Wife of Cobham.

irene cranwell portable museum

Irene Cranwell outside the museum in the caravan

Interest in the history of the village goes back a very long way and we ride on the wonderful enthusiasms and collections left by previous historians such as the Rev. Hort and Irene Cranwell among others.  Mrs Irene Cranwell was village historian for many years and ultimately was able to open her own portable museum based in a large site caravan that was developed for her by her son-in-law Mr Fred Davies, still a current member of CAG.  The development of this museum led to the creation of the group The Friends of Chrishall Museum from which CAG has developed.  The portable museum closed after Mrs Cranwell’s death in 2010 but is about to come to life again in an exciting new way with the Archive at the Pavilion, more details of which to come soon.

So far CAG have met on average every two months.  Current members are: Ms A Meadows, Mrs S McGinty, Mrs R Gant, Mr F Davies, Mr J Gant and Ms J Williams, Mr A Drury, Mrs J Freemantle.

If you would like to join us or have some useful historical titbit to pass on please email or get in touch directly with any of the members above.


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