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Village Walks

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Chrishall village history walks

If you are in Chrishall why not enjoy one of our local Village Walks? These short walks take you around the local area following an area of interest. If you want more information there are QR codes with each walk which connect with articles on the website here.

Walk 1 – Post to Post

The Post Office moved around a bit in Chrishall. Start from one Post Office location and finish at another one taking in some local stories and information on the way.

Download Walk 1 post to post


Walk 2 – Lettice Martin

In Tudor times a lady called Lettice Martin left money to local charities in many local villages including Chrishall, where she lived. Find out more about her and her family connections in this walk that goes from Chrishall to Elmdon and back.

Download Walk 2 – Lettice Martin Circular Walk


Walk 3 – Water, water everywhere

For a village on the top of a hill, Chrishall has a lot of water in terms of local ponds and springs. But it was only comparatively recently that mains water came to the village. Before then people relied on wells and pumps. Learn about the water system in this fascinating local walk.

Download Walk 3 – water water everywhere

Walk 4 – The Self-Sufficient village

Chrishall has long had quite surprising connections with the outside world – many connections with London for example. But for many people the village was where they lived and worked their whole lives. And it was pretty much self-sufficient. This walk tries to cover some of the many trades and businesses that have been in the village over the years.

Download Walk 4 – self sufficient village

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