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Lettice Martin Trail: Thomas Crawley’s Memorial in Elmdon Church

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Thomas Crawley was, as far as we know, Lettice Martin’s father. He lived in Elmdon and has a wonderful memorial in Elmdon Church. There are several memorial plates in the floor to the right of the altar. These are sometimes covered with a mat to protect them. They include two inscriptions as the memorials are for Thomas Crawley senior and Thomas Crawley junior, his son and one of Lettice’s brothers. As well as the inscriptions there are two rather lovely engravings that we think are Thomas senior’s children and possibly his two wives.

The first inscription for Thomas Crawley senior is in Latin and says

“The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and there shall no torment touch them.”

[a quotation from the Wisdom of Solemn]

The rest of the inscription seems to be a memorial to Thomas Crawley’s piety, his love of his country, and his foundation of the school.

The other inscription is in English, and seems to be a meditation on salvation.

(Research by Alison Meadows)


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