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Susan and Emma Soole

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susan soole chrishall essex

Susan Soole (nee Ellis) (above) and her daughter Emma (below). Photos from Maureen Weisner

Susan (Ellis) Soole was born in Ickleton, Cambridgeshire in about 1814 and married Nicholas Walker Soole, a carpenter, in 1832. Nicholas and Susan moved from Ickleton to Chrishall in the late 1830s. Susan died in 1897 and is buried with Nicholas in Chrishall churchyard. Nicholas and Susan’s daughter Emma was born in Chrishall in 1854, the twelfth of their fourteen children. She married widower Benjamin Bullen in 1889. (Maureen Wiesner, who provided these photos is Benjamin and Emma’s great grand-daughter).


William Soole

One of Emma’s brothers was William Soole who became a carpenter like his father.  You can see him listed on the 1861 census here and on the Saffron Walden Year Book from 1886 where he is listed as one of the tradesmen of the village.

Read more about the Soole’s on this family history website:

D: 1850 C: 19th century
1854 1897


  1. Rosemarie Gant

    We think Susan Soole at the top may have a Stereoscope for viewing glass slides on the table beside her (thank you Celia Hart: for that idea). I wonder if it was just there as a prop or whether Mrs Soole was particularly interested in slides and pictures. I guess we will never know…?!

  2. Tim Suche

    Interesting as Emma Soole is my GG grandmother and Susan making Susan Soole my 3X grandmother. Emma marrried Benjamin Bullen(1837–1922) on 5 Aug 1889 • Holy Trinity, Chrishall, , Essex, England. One of their sons Walter George Bullen who came to Canada in 1910. He returned home in BarleyRoyston, Hertfordshire in late 1919 for a visit and suspect it coincided with a triple wedding of his siblings. He met May Victoria Boatwright during this visit. He returned home in early Apr 1920. They must have been corresponding as May and her brother Thomas emigrated to Canada in Aug 1920 and Walter and May were married the 25 Oct 1920 in Treherne,Manitoba,Canada and started the Canadian Bullen line of which I am part of. Interestingly enough is that when Walter came he was working for Dozer Clarke whose wife was a Soole as well. Still figuring it all out. Would it be possible to get Maureen Wiesner’s contact info? Also that Sole link is no longer working. Thanks T. SUche Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada

  3. Rosemarie Gant

    Hello Tim – that’s fascinating (and thanks for the link correction). Maureen donated these photos rather a long time ago before we took over the website, so I’m afraid I don’t have her contact details. However the Soole’s came from Ickleton and they have more Soole information here:


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