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Charles Clarke obituary

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charles clarke

Mr Charles Clarke of Chrishall

Death of Mr C Clarke,  Chrishall

This obituary first appeared in the Saffron Walden Weekly, 1959.

Great loss to Methodism

It is with great regret that we record the sudden death of Mr Charles Clarke of Church Road Chrishall at the age of 79 years.

A native of the village, Mr Clarke was a man of many parts. He was a staunch methodist, and no matter what the weather, every Sunday saw him in his place in Chapel. He held the office of trustee for 49 years, and in his time he has also been Sunday School Superintendent, organist and Society Steward.

Until his death he was treasurer of both trust and church funds. Mr Clarke represented the old Primitive Circuit at Saffron Walden also Methodist Circuit at Bishops Stortford, at Synod – the highest honour accorded to laymen.

With all this work he found time to help in Village affairs, serving as a parish councillor for 36 years. He has also been the secretary of the village Slate Club since it’s inception in 1920.

Employed by Messrs Drage and Kent, Mr Clarke travelled with the engines and became widely known in the surrounding District. Since his retirement, he has taken a delight in tending the chapel and it’s graveyard with loving care, and the trim hedges and neatly kept grass bear witness to this labour of love.

The funeral service took place at the Methodist chapel on Wednesday of last week and was conducted by the Rev GW Sharman.  With Mr L Rogers at the organ, the hymns “The Lord’s my shepherd” and “Rock of Ages” were sung.

The immediate mourners were Mrs C Clarke (widow), Mr R Clarke, Mr S Clarke, Mr P Clarke, Mr H Clarke, (sons) Mrs Whitmore. Mrs Crocker. Mrs Coates, (daughters), Mrs R Clarke, Mrs S Clarke, Mrs P Clarke,  Mrs H Clarke (daughters-in-law).

Mr Crocker, Mr Whitmore, Mr Coates (sons in law),  Mr and Mrs Clarke (brother and sister-in-law),  Mr M Clarke, Mrs P Barnes, Mr and Mrs S Vineall, Mrs F Flack, Mrs F Rose, Mr and Mrs B Clarke, Mr and Mrs J Whitmore, Mr and Mrs E Clarke, Mr E and Miss J Clarke, Mr A Clarke and Miss R Crocker, grandsons and granddaughters, Mr and Mrs C Brand (nephew and niece),  Mr H Flack (representing Slate Club), Mr W Walker representing Trust), Mrs and Mrs Poole (friends from Standon).

Those also present included Mrs Wallman, Mr R Chambers, Mr F Stigwood, Mr L J Barker, Mr A W Kitchener (these represented Circuit Steward Board), Mr H Elliff and Mr A L Carter (representing Bishop’s Stortford Church), Mr and Mrs D Harvey, Mr Negus, Miss Mynard, Mr and Mrs W Green, Mr F Cranwell, Miss Pratt, Mr Pratt.

Mrs G Pratt, Miss Dove, Mrs L Rogers, Mr A Revell (Langley), Mr and Mrs Mancer, Mr and Mrs G Rogers, Mrs J Green, Mr A Flack, Mrs F Rogers, Miss K Cranwell, Mrs H Flack, Mr W Drury.

Mrs Waller (Gt Chishill), Mr and Mrs Hicks, Mr C Baker, Mr T Harvey, Mr Henry Flack, Rev. A.A. Bagley, Mrs Harrold, Miss Smith, Mrs E Flack, Mr Faircloth and Mrs L Kent.

The bearers were Mr W Miller, Mr J Green, Mr J Hagger and Mr H Rogers – all fellow trustees with Mr Clarke, as was the organist also.

There were many very beautiful floral tributes.


With thanks to Cambridge News newspapers for permission to reprint this obituary originally published in the Saffron Walden Weekly 1959.  Photograph provided by Marion Marshall, whose article about her grandparents you can read here.

D: 1940 C: 20th century


  1. Derek Vineall

    It would be nice to spell the surname of Charles Clarke correctly, under the photo it is spelt with an ‘e’ and in the transcript without, can you correct it please.
    Thank you
    Derek Vineall (Great grandson of Charles)

    • Rosemarie Gant

      You are quite correct – how very remiss of me. I hope I have replaced any missing ‘e’s now but if I have missed any please let me know.


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