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Keepers Cottage

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Builden End | 0 comments

Keepers Cottage was a two up two down cottage on Common Lane which is the no-through lane on the right as you go down Building End.  The cottage has been demolished and replaced with a large house built in traditional materials and oak timber frame and is now known as Highwood House.

The lady on the left in the picture above is holding a cat but sadly we currently don’t know who the family are.

keepers cottage

Above is the side view of Keeper’s Cottage with the left of the house facing the road. It can be seen that several bricks are missing from the external chimney breast.

A black labrador appears to be guarding an impressive array of flower pots all planted up with canes, or perhaps it is just watching the scarecrow – a stylised cat, tiger or zebra on top of the post amongst the brassicas.

keepers cottage chrishall

The picture above was taken circa 1959 and the black barn to the left of the cottage seems to have disappeared or it may be just out of the camera shot.

All photographs courtesy of the Rogers family.


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