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Horses at Builden End

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Builden End | 0 comments

chrishall builden end horses

We think this photograph may have been taken at the back of The Wells farmhouse which is down a small track on the left as you go into Building End. However we would love to know exactly where it is and who is holding the horse!

Update November 2016:

Another photograph from the same day has been found.  This one has the annotation “Charles Pitches at Bilden End Farm” so it seems the house in the background is not The Wells but indeed Builden End Farm at the further end of Builden End. (You can click on this image to see an enlarged version).  It seems Charles is the younger brother of ‘cricketer’ Frank Pitches who you can see here.  You can see the full Pitches family on the 1901 census – they are first on the list, living at Builden End – and there is a photo of Charles’s father Amos haymaking here.

pitches bilden end farm


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