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Revells Cottage, Builden End.

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Builden End | 3 comments

chrishall revells 1988

Revells Cottage, Builden End. (Date 1988)


  1. Barbara Munday

    What year was this photo taken.?
    This was my auntie Daisey’s cottage, where my brother John and I spent many a magical summer holiday. We used to love helping Uncle Claud (up the garden) get the grass to feed his goats.

    • Rosemarie Gant

      Hello Barbara – this was taken around 1988 and it looks in a rather sad state here but it is beautiful again now. Have you seen the article about ‘Aunt Daisy’ here: ? I seem to remember now someone saying about Claude having goats. I had forgotten that. He used to cut the grass and make it into hay and I would go down with my Grandad to collect it for our pony. It would be lovely to hear more of your memories.

    • Cameron McPhee

      Hi I’m related to Annie Maud Revell. She would have been my 2nd Great grand mother


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