This photograph dates from, we think, around the 1930’s, and shows Mrs Hedley Hicks holding one of her sons, Frank, and her daughter May standing beside the fence.  Just next door to the left you can see Hedley’s butchers shop.  If you look very carefully you can see joints of meat hanging in the window and the sign for the shop above the window. There are some flags so there must have been probably a national celebration going on but what it was we don’t know.

Mullion Cottage Church Road, chrishall, essex

The cottage in the picture above is Mullion Cottage at the top of Church Road near the Green.  You can see a modern day picture of the same cottage to the left.  It looks to me like Hedley’s Butcher’s Shop entrance is now the main front door with a porch, and the current window to the left of the porch is where the shop window would have been.  However the modern window is smaller.

The Hicks family had five children altogether and Mrs Hicks was quite a formidable lady by all accounts!

Hedley ran his butcher’s shop for many years and is listed in the local trade directories.  You can see him in the Saffron Walden 1949/50 directory here.  Hedley moved to the village, when he got married, from Burford in Gloucestershire but the family stayed local and are still in the area today.

On the left of the butchers shop was another little cottage lived in by a lady called Miss Dove.  So the current house you see on the left is a combination of two cottages and a shop.

With many thanks to Joan Clarke (Rose/Mumby) and Sharon for the loan of the top photograph to copy.

D: 1930 D: 1940 D: 1950
C: 20th Century