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Saffron Walden Year Book 1949/1950

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An extract from the Saffron Walden and District Year Book of 1949/1950.  Included here is the introduction to the Chrishall section and a list of those who were running businesses or had a profession, in the village at the time.

The ancient name of this village was Christhall.

The Parish Church of the Holy Trinity was considerably restored in 1869.

Vicar – The Rev. A.A. Bagley

Methodist Chapel – No resident Minister

Parliamentary Divison – Saffron Walden.  Rural district – Saffron Walden.  Petty Sessional Divison – Walden

Parish Council: Clerk – Mr F Jupp, Parsonage Farm

Estimated population in 1948 – 416 Area – 2,790 acres.

School – ages 5-15.  Head Teacher – Miss O W Miller

Sub-Post Office (To Royston).

Sub-Postmaster – Mr R.P. Chambers (Tel. Chrishall 246).

Postal Address – Chrishall, Royston, Herts.

Collections of Letters – Mon.-Fri., 9am and 4.45 p.m., Sat., 9 a.m and mid-day.  Telephone Kiosk – Near Post Office.

Nearest Railway Station – Audley End.

Bus Services – Premier Travel.

Cricket Club Secretary – Mr R.J. Loveday, Bilden End.

Football Club Secretary – Mr R.J. Loveday, Bilden End.

Chrishall and District Rabbit Club: Secretary – Mr T.E. Leech, Rylstone Rabbitries, Chrishall.

Bagley Rev A A , The vicarage

Bates W J, Gipsy Corner Farm, Farmer

Boaler A and H W, Bros, Poultry Farmers

Brand W W, Bilden End Farm, Farmer

Cranwell B, Crawley End Wheelwright

Cranwell F W, Crawley End, Builder

Crocker A A C, Stanmore House, Motor Engineer

Day E, Crawley End, Farmer

De Beer P D, Chiswick Hall, Farmer

Flack E J, New Farm

Hagger J, High St, Boot Repairer

Harding, Mrs S B Chrishall Grange, Farmer

Harvey T C, High St., Fruit Fmr.

Hicks H B, Church Road, Butcher

Jupp F, Parsonage Farm

Kent G B W, Broad Green Farm, Farmer

Kent J F, Farmer

Kent W L, Park House, Farmer

Leech T E, Rylstone, Shopkeeper

Mancer E E, Crawley End, Boot Repairer

McKeown W, The Red Cow

Miller Miss O W, School House Schoolmistress

Reeves B, Belle Vista, Mill Causeway, Coal Merchant

Rogers Miss A J, High Street, Farmer

Rogers B R, The Garage

Rogers F, Wire Farm, Farmer

Rush W J, Church Road, Motor Engineer

Wall W, New Farm, Farmer

As well as the above named, other main residents included:
Baker (2), Barker, Bernard Capt W R RN, Brand (3 incl. W W, Frmr Bilden End Farm), Brooks, Bysouth, Camp, Cane (3), Chapman (2), Clarke (3), Cranwell (12 incl.B, Wheelwright of Crawley End and F W, Builder of Crawley End), Crocker A A C Motor Engr, Day E, Frmr, Crawley End, De Beer P D Chiswick Hall, Frmr, Draper, Drury (4), Dyer, Edwards, Elbourne (Martinholme), Everett, Field (Wendy’s Cottage, Chr. Grnge Frm), Flack (14), Gardiner, Glasscock, Goodship, Green (6), Hagger (High St, Boot Repairer), Harding Mrs S B, Frmr (Chr. Grange), Harvey (6 incl. T C, Fruit Frmr, High St), Hawthorn, Heath, Hicks H B, Butcher (Church Rd), Holmes. Ives, Jackson, Jupp (Parsonage Frm).

Kent (3 – G B W, Frmr Broad Green, J F, Frmr, W L, Frmr Park House), Knights, Langford Mrs S J, Cedar Hse), Leech T E, Rylstone, Shopkeeper, Loveday (3), Lovell-Green, Mancer E E, Boot Repairer (Crawley End), Manning, McKeown – The Red Cow, Miller (2 incl Miss O H Schoolmistress), Miller, Negus, Passmore, Pigg, Pitches (3), Pratt (2), Prior I (Kemps).

Readman, Reed, Reeve, Reeves B, Coal Merchant (Belle Vista, Mill Causeway), Revell (2), Ritches, Robinson, Rogers (7 incl. Miss A J Farmer, High St; B R, The Garage; F. Frmr, Wire Farm), Rose, Rumsey Eli (Church Cott), Skeen, Smith, Strudwick, Swift, Wall W, Frmr, New Farm, Walker, Wallman (2), Whitmore (3), Wilson, Wisbey, Woods, Wright.



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