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Village Green 1940s

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chrishall village centre 1950s
Photograph from the Bruce Drury Collection

View from Church road towards Martenholme in the 1940s or early 1950s. Note the (red & white?) kerbs – was this a wartime safety measure?

The gates you can see in the centre of the picture were apparently, at one time, the entrance to where Will Brand had his workshop.  Will was a painter and decorator and lived with his wife Esther in Brick Row.  Will served in WW1 but was gassed.  However he came back to work in the village.  Arthur Crocker also had a yard here behind the white gates where he kept various old cars.  And there was also an old hut in here that was converted into a youth club.

If anyone has any more memories of this area of the village please let us know or comment below.

(First published Aug 5, 2015, additions made 21 Feb 2018)

george cranwell first world war chrishallChrishall at War

The story of Chrishall through World War I told using local sources such as the church newsletters. Details of those who served and returned and those who were lost to the village.

Download a copy here. (PDF document: 8MB)


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