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Baker’s cart on Palmers Lane

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Palmers Lane | 0 comments

chrishall Bakers cart

The footpath on the right no longer exists which is rather a shame as it looks lovely here.  If you look closely at the photograph below you can see, just to the right of the horse and cart, there is a house window.  This is in fact one of the windows of Cedar House which is the large house that stands on the corner of Broad Green.  The thickening of trees and hedges mean that this view is no longer possible today.

If you also look carefully you can see the face of the baker in the cart and his loaves of bread in a basket on the left.

Update: I have just found another copy of this photo which has a note on the back that this is Jarvis Andrews from Heydon delivering his bread.



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