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Brand Family Tree

by | Aug 11, 2015 | Written Records | 7 comments

The following details show ancestors of Walter Brand who died at Chrishall in 1984. On the death of his wife Dorothy in 1991, the Brand Trust was established for the benefit of parishioners. The tree has been supplied by Keith Hayden of Australia whose great, great grandfather emigrated from Rickling in 1857. Keith is descended from John Brand of Elmdon (b. 1711) the brother of:-

William Brand bapt 12/2/1718, m. 1747 Mary Haliday (d.1797).
Robert 1748  Elmdon m. Hannah GRAVES (First cousins)
1.  William (b1785 Elmdon d1869 Chrishall) m. 1804 Mary JONES
of Littlebury:

1.  John Brand (b.1807 Elmdon d.1843 Elmdon) m. 1832 Mary Ann HAYDEN  (d.1858 Elmdon)
1. Mary Ann b.1833 d.1841 Chrishall
2. John (b.1835 Chrishall d.1883 Elmdon) m. Martha DAWSON (d.1915 Elmdon)
1.  William Arthur 1863 Elmdon
2.  Laura 1865 Elmdon
3.  Walter Robert 1866 Elmdon
4.  Annie 1867 Elmdon
5.  Mary Ann Sophia 1868 Elmdon
6.  Bertha Kate 1870 Elmdon
7.  Henry James Hayden 1871 (d1872) Elmdon
8.  Alice Maria Louise 1873 Elmdon
9.  Ethel Ada 1875 Elmdon
10. Ernest John 1877 Elmdon
11. Eva 1879 Elmdon
3.  Caroline 1837 Elmdon
4.  Harriet 1839 Elmdon
5.  Edward 1842  Elmdon died 1843
2.  William 1805 (d.1808 Elmdon)
3.  Mary 1809  Elmdon (d.1838)
4.  Hannah 1811 Chrishall (d.1849)
5.  Robert 1812  Elmdon (d.1894)
6.  Edward 1814  Chrishall (d.1835)
7.  Susan 1816  Chrishall (d.1835)
8.  Benjamin 1819 Chrishall (d.1836)
9.  Edwin 1822 Chrishall (d. Kimpton Herts)
married Sarah ? 1843
1. Walter 1845 Chrishall
2. Rosetta 1847 Chrishall
3. Robert 1849 Chrishall
4. Edwin 1851 Chrishall
5. William 1853 Chrishall (d.1856 Chrishall)
6. Mary Jones 1855 Chrishall
7. Sarah Caroline 1860 Chrishall
8. Herbert Henry 1862 Chrishall
10.  Samuel 1823 Chrishall (d1859) m.1852 Mary WILSON Great Chishill (d 1919)
1.  William Robert 1855 (d. 1934) m. Beatrice Ann DOWNHAM (d. 1948)
1. Robert Samuel 1898 (d.1918 Great War)
2. William Walter 1900 (d.1984 Chrishall)
m. Dorothy Irene CRANWELL (d.1991Chrishall)

2.  Mary Maria 1853 Chrishall
3.  Julia Martha 1858 Chrishall (d1902 Saffron Walden bur. Chrishall)
11.  Mary 1825 Elmdon
12.  Martha 1826 Chrishall d.1842 Chrishall
2.  Ann 1749 Elmdon (d.1828) m.1780 Joseph GAMGEE
3.  William 1751 Elmdon m. Rachel WOOD
4.  Elizabeth 1753 d.1841 Elmdon, spinster.
5.  Mary 1754  m.1791 Samuel JACKSON Elmdon
6.  John 1756 m.1790 Mary BROOKS
7.  Sarah 1757 Elmdon
8.  George 1759 (d.1759) Elmdon

John BRAND b.1711 Elmdon (brother to William 1718). m. 1734 Mary Johnson of Littlebury at Walden:
John 1735 Elmdon m. Mary BUTTON 1769 Elmdon.

1. John 1770 Elmdon m. Ann BUCK

1.Elizabeth b.1802 Elmdon m. 1829 James HAYDEN  (b.1804) at Arkesden (d.1829 Elmdon)
1. George b.1837 Rickling emig Australia in 1857 .

2. Mary BRAND 1779 Elmdon m. James HAYDEN in 1802 Elmdon 

1. Mary Ann born 1809 Elmdon m. John BRAND (listed in the above tree making them  3rd cousins).  (James Hayden 1804 & Mary Ann Hayden 1809 are 3rd cousins also).

3. George Brand m Mary Lucas

1. George Brand m Jemima Winter

1. William Brand m Elizabeth Pity

William Brand m Susan Ward (emigrated to Australia 1856 along with Susan’s parents)

Frederick William Brand m Eunice Vian.


  1. Leanne Turnbull

    This is great information however I would like to question this fact –
    3. William 1751 Elmdon m. Rachel WOOD. – I believe William BRAND (B: 1751 Elmdon – son of William Brand & Mary HOLLIDAY (various spellings)) married Rachel HUNT 4 Nov 1788 Duxford St John, Cambridgeshire. They are my 5th Great-grandparents.

    I would be keen to discuss this further with anyone concerned.

    • Rosemarie Gant

      Ooh – interesting Leanne. OK Brand researchers – what do you think? 🙂

  2. Leanne Turnbull

    Here’s how I relate to William BRAND (b. 1751 Elmdon, Essex) & Rachel HUNT (b. 1762 Duxford, Cambridgeshire) . Marriage Banns 8 Jul 1788 Duxford St Peter, Cambridgeshire – Willm Brand of Elmdon Essex & Rachel Hunt otp. Married 4 Nov 1788 Duxford St John, Cambridgeshire.

    Son, James BRAND (b. 1791 Elmdon, Essex; d. 1869 Little Shelford, Cam. buried Sawston, Cam.) married 1811 Sawston, Cam. to Ann SMITH (1790-1874).

    Son, James BRAND (b. 1817 Sawston, Cam.; d.1893 Little Shelford, Cam.) married 1840 Little Shelford, Cam. to Susan JENNINGS (1820-1896).

    Son, Richard “William” BRAND (b. 1857 Little Shelford, Cam.; d. 1933 “Shelford” Huxley, Childers, Qld, Australia) emigrated to Sydney NSW, Australia on ship “Alexander Duthie” arriving 26 Apr 1876 (with his brother Elliot BRAND. They were employed to bring a number of Stud Stallion horses to “Barolin Station” near Bundaberg, Queensland.)
    “William” BRAND married 1887 Abingdon, Isis Scrub, Wide Bay, Qld. to Isabella COCKING (1867-1948). He became a farmer and named his property “Shelford” after his birthplace. He was also in partnership (that lasted their lifetime) “Gant & Brand” with Robert Gant and together they farmed other areas (sugar cane, horses and beef cattle, as well as interests in building local shops and the newspaper).

    My mother’s maiden name is BRAND and Richard William BRAND (1857-1933) is her great-grandfather, making him my 2nd great-grandfather, who we are very proud of.

    While most of my BRAND English line comes are connected to Cambridgeshire, I do believe it goes back to William BRAND (b. 1717 Elmdon, Essex; d.1792 Elmdon) married 1747 Elmdon to Mary HOLLIDAY (various spellings).

  3. Alan Knight

    It may be of interest that in a note of one of my old Chrishall BROOKS family trees, the entry for one of Williams grand children JOHN BRAND b1756, married my 15X great Aunt, MARY BROOKS in 1790. The note was “JOHN b 21 April 1782, base born by Mr,WRIGLY, Vicar of Great Chishall”. She went on to have two daughters by John, SARAH BROOKS BRAND 1791 Elmdon, and MARY BRAND also in Elmdon. We do not know what became of John?

    • Rosemarie Gant

      That is interesting. We do have some more Brand records. I will have a look and see if there is any mention of John.

      • Alan Knight

        Thank you for your email. Chrishall Village History website has turned out to be a gold mine for me in my researches into my family history. My Grandfather, ERNEST BROOKS was born in1880. one of 13 children of LUKE BROOKS and ELEANOR BRAND. They lived in Church Lane. Luke’s father was WILLIAM BROOKS, born 1817 who married AMELIA GLOVER. Wiliam’s father was NATHAN BROOKS, born 1795, who married MARY JACKSON. Nathan’s father was RICHARD BROOKS, b1763, who married ANN FORDHAM. Richard’s father was JOHN BROOKS, born about who married MARY BRAND of Chrishall in 1761.
        I have drawn up charts of all the families mentioned as marrying into the Brooks family in Chrishall. It makes a tangle of a map of cousins marrying and remarrying cousins over three centuries in the village and I calculated that about a third of the names on the church and chapel graves were direct ancestors of mine, So your website seems like a family history in itself,
        I am particularly interested in my great Grandmother ELEANOR BRAND’s family history, because her ancestor in Chrishall was STEPHEN FORTESCUE, (one of the first entries in the Parish Registry), born 1686 in Chrishall. I have reason to believe he is related to WILLIAM FORTESCUE and the HUDDLESTONE family of Sawstern House in the near parish of Duxford. They were a leading “Recusant” family in the district and linked with the FORTESCUE family who in earlier generations were among the leading families in our country. I wonder if, in my charts of the family in Chrishall I am watching the loss of status and wealth with each generation of my family.
        I think your work for CVH is a wonderful achievement, you seem very knowledgeable and if the “Recusant” element in my researches triggers any possible lines for further research.

        • Rosemarie Gant

          Thank you Alan and I’m glad it’s proving useful. The Fortescue link is interesting. That would be Sawston Hall, which is near Duxford but is actually in the village of Sawston. Have a look at this link: Fascinating place! I will certainly follow up those links. I’m a bit busy with another project at the moment but this all sounds great.


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