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Chrishall School 1976/7

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Chrishall School 1973 onwards | 3 comments

mrs kemp class 1976
Back row: Mrs Kemp, Stephen Wyatt, Adam Norris, Trojan Brand,David Homer, Philip Cranwell, Michael Wiseman, Stephen Starr, Kenny McQuirk, David page.

Third Row: Paul Heath, Gus Kimber, Amanda Pyle, Jo Cranwell, Kate Bayer, Hilary Garrett, Amanda Dyer, Tracey Starr, Caroline England, Paul Delderfield, Paul Drury.

Second Row: Karen Jones, Sharmain Walker, ?, Alice James, Helen Lake, Mandy Flack, Melanie Grice, Sarah Saunders, Marika Hughes.

First Row: David England, Paul Shepherd, David Hicks, Alistair McLaughlin, Robert Flack, Edward Stroud.


  1. Steve Wyatt

    Just a few amendments…Steven Wyatt.
    2nd row is Alice James, Karen Jones,

  2. Rosemarie Gant

    Thanks Steve. So who are the first four on the second row? I know from Helen Lake onwards but I don’t remember the first ones.

  3. Sarah Scott

    This brings back memories!


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