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Chrishall School December 1969

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chrishall school 1969

chrishall school december 1969

This photograph was taken in the old school against the dividing wall between the two classrooms.  It is thought the dividing wall originally could have been folded back to make one big room but by the time this photograph was taken in 1969 it had had so many coats of paint it was definitely staying in place!  Those of us who went to the old school also remember the ‘tortoise stove’ that stood in the classroom and kept us from freezing in the winter.  I seem to remember it having some kind of mesh guard around it.

Those in the picture:

Back row: Adrian Law, Karen Funston, Samantha Poole, Sharon Rose, Jane Stroud, Jonathan Stigwood, Christopher Edney, Maria King, David Goddard.

Middle row: Helen Thorn, Andrew Duerden, Paula Harding, Alison Garett, Gillian Thorn, Gerald Cranwell, Christopher Hall, Julia Wedd.

Front row: Gregor Macadam, Christopher Funston, Julian Loveday, Jane King, Matthew Worthy, Janet Potter, Lisa Duerden, Denise Edney.


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