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Church Register extracts from the 17th and 18th centuries

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Memorandum that on the 12th day of August Anon Domini 1683 Roger Bankes (illegible word) read the Book of Articles of Religion and gave his (illegible word) and consent to all things contained in the Book of Common Prayer and (Illegible word) of the Sacrament and other Rites, and Ceremonies of the Church according to the (illegible word) of the Church of England. In the hearing of us who were present at the same: Ric Miles, John Stock, John Parker, William Carter, Edward King and John Fordham.

From the parish register of Chrishall: Memorandum – ye church being robb’d of ye communion plate etc. James Brett gave his cup and plate to the parish bearing dates seen upon the plate 1689, John Doo, Vicar.

Memorandum May 18, 1717 whereas dispute arose between Thomas Ashburner, Vicar of Chrishall and Leonard Sadler farmer of the Grange Farm about the tythes of eight score acres more or less of extra-parochial land belonging to said farm, the said Leonard Sadler refusing to pay the tythes of wool and of lambs finding or falling thereon which the said Thomas Ashburner did – dsman (sp?) by virtue of an Act of Parliament made Anno 2 C 3rd Edward 6th C 13 whereupon he the said Leonard Sadler was summoned to appear before the magistrate Justice of the Peace at Court holden at Walden whereafter a full and impartial hearing it was determined this day by Major Holgate and Mr Whale two Justices of the Peace that the said land should pay all small tythes to ye Vicar of this parish, that the tythes of the whole flock was due to ye said Vicar, only the two half crowns to be allowed which said farm had paid him immoriall (sp?) this one Foulmire and the other to Duxford as an acknowledgement of (that the) sheep walk upon some lands belonging to those parishes. Tho Doo, Curate to Thomas Ashburner, Vicar.

Memorandum Jan 5, 1721/2 I obtained an order from the Justices of the Peace at ye petty sessions held this day at Newport that the occupier of the Mill in Chrishall shall pay yearly for tythes eight shillings to the Vicar, the Mill having paid tythes before, I (wonder) whether this be sufficient but t’was all that could be recovered by me. Tho Melvill, Vicar.

N.B. it is from Michaelmas to Michaelhass the Justices who determined this were Mr Whale and Mr Stephenson.

Memorandum – that ye customary fees of this parish for burying at night are 6 shilling 8 d. Mr Doo my predecessor demanded ed(sp?) and same for for burying old Mr Pigg and demanded he had ye same for burying George Brown in ye night time Obr 27, 1722. Rec’d for burying Mrs Katherine James in the vault a Guinea.


D: 1680 D: 1710 D: 1720 
C: 18th Century C: 17th Century
1683, 1689, 1717, 1721, 1722



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