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Exodus Timeline

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Exodus Timeline

Who left for Australia and when did they go?

emigrated to Australia


Wrights and Pitches

The first to leave Chrishall in this era. We have a report of Joseph and Mary Pitches (nee Pigg) arriving in Melbourne 7 January 1849 and setting up divine worship in their home. The Pitches brought 9 of their 10 children with them. Also with the Pitches was Josiah Woods, aged 18, whose parents and siblings joined him in 1855.  They all sailed on the ‘Maitland’ and landed in Port Phillip. Source: Village Magazine 1990s. Thomas and Mary Anne Wright also sailed to Melbourne in 1849. They joined the Primitive Methodists and started several churches, Mary Anne (as a widow) ending up in Ballarat – see article.

emigrated to Australia


The Kemp brothers

James (aged 23) and Sarah Kemp with their one year old son William, left Plymouth on the ship Wanderer, arriving in South Australia on 22nd May 1851.  They were accompanied by James’ brother Robert, his wife Elizabeth, and their two sons Daniel and Walter.

emigrated to Australia


“Brand cousins”

sailing on ‘The Chance’ (source Village Magazine article 1990s). Thomas (aged 22) and Susan (aged 18) are listed on the Unassisted Passenger Lists for Victoria travelling on The Chance in 1852. Thomas was a horsekeeper at Chrishall Grange.

emigrated to Australia


Brands and Wood

According to a local village magazine article on the ‘Wanata’ in 1853 were Brands and Woods. I have not been able to verify this however from the Unassisted Passenger Lists from the Public Record Office Victoria.  (source: Village Magazine 1990s).

emigrated to Australia


Tinworth relatives and Brands, Wards and Pitches

Charles and Elizabeth Tinworth from Elmdon on their way to the gold fields of Ballarat. Also Brands, Wards and Pitches sailing on the ‘Constant’ (source: Village Magazine 1990s).

emigrated to Australia


Chapman and Mary-Anne Woods, Creeks and Pitches

Chapman and Mary-Anne sailed with their three younger children on board the ‘Constant’ (source possibly with their daughter Eliza who by then was married to a Mr Griggs. See the article on the Woods here. Also on the ‘Constant’ were the Creek family (source: Village Magazine 1990s), and George and Rebecca PItches and their family from Mill Causeway.

emigrated to Australia


Robert Cane and the Buttons

The Button family sailed on the Talbot. Emily Button, then 14, ended up marrying Stephen Cane who sailed in 1858. Robert Cane sailed out to Brisbane this year.

emigrated to Australia


Canes, Reads, Pitches, Pleydells, Parkers, Pains and Morris

On 20 August 1858 the Grand Trianon arrived in Sydney with 19 people from Chrishall on Board. The ship left London on 23 March 1858 and had called at Southampton (12 April) and Queesland Co. Cork in Ireland (8 May) before heading out. (Source: local research from assisted immigrant lists)

emigrated to Australia


David Cane

The last of the Canes to go out and the last person to leave Chrishall in this period.



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