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Home Guard

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In WWII everyone in the village was involved in the war effort whether it was making jam or manning the Observation Post at the top of the village, this important duty being carried out by the Home Guard.  The full Platoon and Chrishall Division can be seen below, and a local picture in the village, Chrishall Civil Defence Corps.  “Jam Duties” were led by the Women’s Institute of course and you need to come and see us to read the article in the village scrapbook entitled “Cinderella Militant” all about the local Civil Defence Training.  Chrishall would be ready if the time came!

The Home Guard was originally called the Local Defence Volunteers but was renamed by the Prime Minister, Mr Winston Churchill.

An auxillary Fire Service was also formed and a fire station built in High Street.

Local men also manned the Observation Post, put up at the corner of Hertford Lane. (See the article from Joe Hagger). The Observer Corps was under the direction of the Royal Air Force whose badge they proudly wore.


Back Row: C Plumb*, George Rogers, Ted Flack, Bob Flack, Reg Drury, Jim Drury, Roy Flack, Vic Wisbey

Middle Row: Eddie Robinson, Tom Harvey, Rob Harvey, Arthur Bowler, Frank Knights, Tom Green, Alan Whitmore, Herbert Draper

Front Row: Doug Pratt, Hedley Hicks, Ron Loveday, William Wall, Bob Fison, Wilf Pitches, Paul Harding, Harold Chapman, Fred Barker, Tim Reeves

This photograph was taken at Elmdonbury.

Names supplied by Bruce Drury, and Mr Plumb’s daughter!


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