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Livermore Family Tree

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The Descendants of John & James Livermore (b. 1693/1710)

This tree is supplied by Barbara Mitting:

1.1 James Livermore  b. c1693, Ess Eng. d. Jun 1752, Chrishall Ess Eng

Spouse: Frances Webb b. c1697, Littlebury By Saffron Walden  m. 10 Jun 1718, Littlebury By Saffron Walden Ess Eng

Children:   1.1.1 Mary Livermore b. 1719, Chrishall Ess Eng

      1.1.2 James Jnr Livermore  Spouse: Sarah Overill  m. 13 Nov 1750, Chrishall Ess Eng

Children: James Livermore b. Chrishall. Burial: 28 Jun 1752, Chrishall Ann Livermore b.1754, Chrishall. Burial: 31 Jul 1793 Chrishall

Spouse: Robert Due b. c1753, England. d. May 1830, Chrishall  m.13 Nov 1775, Chrishall

Children: Sarah Doo John Due

        Robert Dew b1780 Chrishall Burial: 26 Apr 1850, Harston Cam

  1. 22 Dec 1803, Harston

Spouse: Mary Heffer b. 1784, Harston Cam Eng d. 11 Aug 1838, Harston                                                                                                Father: Richard Heffer (1748-1786)  Mother: Jane Scotcher (1739-1823)

Children: Elizabeth Joanna Jane James (-1871)

Mary Ann Heffer (1819-1895)

Sarah Robert (1824-)

John (1827-1830) Lucy Due

Spouse: Thomas Creek m. 28 Oct 1802, Chrishall

Children: John,  Ann,  William,  Lettice James Due b. 1786, Chrishall. Burial: 8 Dec 1848, Chrishall Stephen Due Burial: 4 Sep 1791, Chrishall John Livermore b. Chrishall Thomas Livermore

Marr: 12 Oct 1780, Great Chrishall ESS

Spouse: Lydia Pitty b. 1756, Chrishall

Father: John Pitty. Mother: Mary Munsey

Children: Elizabeth Livermore James Livermore

                                                   William Livermore b.1786, Chrishall. Burial: 14 Feb 1786, Chrishall Lydia Livermore b. 1787, Chrishall. Burial: 4 Feb 1787, Chrishall Thomas Livermore b. 1787, Chrishall Burial: 4 Feb 1787, Chrishall James Livermore b. Chrishall.  Burial: 9 May 1763, Chrishall Sarah Livermore b. Chrishall Sarah Livermore b. Chrishall

   1.1.3 Katherin Livermore b. 1731, Chrishall. Burial: Sep 1741, Chrishall.(date illegible)

1.2a John Livermore* b. c 1710, Essex  Spouse: Martha Fordham (Other Spouse Susanna Marion) m. 7 Apr 1735, Chrishall

Children: 1.2a.1 Mary Livermore Burial: 7 Sep 1740, Chrishall

1.2a.2 John Livermore

1.2a.3 Sarah Livermore Burial: 29 Aug 1738, Chrishall

1.2a.4 Thomas Livermore Burial: 2 Oct 1739, Chrishall

1.2a.5 Martha Livermore Burial: 10 Jan 1748, Chrishall

1.2a.6 Mary Livermore Spouse: William Todd m. 8 Aug 1771, Chrishall

1.2b John Livermore* (See above) Spouse: Susanna Marion m. 5 May 1745, Chrishall


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