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Noel Dyson visits the school

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Noel Dyson


Noel Dyson was an actress who lived for some years at Duddenhoe End.  She starred in Coronation Street and Father, Dear Father among many other roles.  You can read more about here on the Wikipedia entry here.  She would come and support school events and the above was obviously some sort of fancy dress probably around the mid-1970s.  If anyone can tell us anything more about this event please let us know.

Names in the photograph as follows, going clockwise and starting bottom left with the boy facing the camera:

Stephen Wyatt, Mrs Evelyn King, Noel Dyson (also known as Mrs Edwards), Margaret Rogers, Mrs Scripps (dark coat), in front of Mrs Scripps Gerald Cranwell, the right of Gerald Mrs Pyle, an unknown lady then Violet Prime.  Jonathan Wyatt is the other side of what appears to be the sail on a pirate boat and in front of him are Gus Kimber and Hal Kimber holding a football.


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