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Official Pavilion Opening

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Chrishall Archive Group (CAG) | 0 comments

The weather kept dry, just about, on Sunday 25th June 2017 when the official opening of the Chrishall Pavilion community building took place.  The whole building was looking very spick and span and decked out with flowers and bunting to celebrate the day.  Teas and cakes were served in the main room and visitors were able to wander through to see the Archive, Library and Parish Office rooms.

The main opening ceremony was performed by Vivienne Dalling and David Brand, relatives of the Brand family who, as David pointed out, have had a 300 year association with the village.  It was lovely to see two further generation of Brands in attendance on the day and to know that their connection will continue.

The Archive prompted lots of interest and comment.  One of the most common questions was ‘is all this really about Chrishall’, to which the answer was ‘yes, and there’s a lot more too!’.  We look forward to welcoming visitors back on our open days to be able to look through some of the archives at their leisure.

The afternoon continued with a cricket match and concluded with a barbecue at The Red Cow.

The photographs below were taken by Val Ailes and show the Parish Council Chairman, Mrs Dalling and Mr Brand.


Pavilion History

The current pavilion is not the first one to have done service on Jigneys Playing Field. The first pavilion stood over the other side of the meadow towards where the children’s play area now is. Apparently it was a green hut that had previously been used as the WRVS hut for serving teas in Heydon. When the WRVS finished with it, it was brought over to Chrishall to use as a sports pavilion.

It would be lovely to find out more about this story and even to find a picture of the old pavilion so if you turn up any pictures or information please get in touch!


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