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Robert Brand

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Robert Brand's possessions

Robert Brand was born in Chrishall in 1899, the son of William and Beatrice Brand from Builden End Farm. He was the older brother of William Walter Brand and the family were farmers and fruit growers.

Robert was posted as Killed in Action on 23rd August 1918 aged 19 years old. He was a Private with the 1st Battalion, Essex Regiment. He is buried in Bucquoy Communal Cemetery.

It was planned that he would take over the farm from his father and his loss must have been terrible for the family. His possessions were sent home – a mirror, torch and his watch – and kept in a fabric roll that belonged to his father. We were privileged to be allowed to photograph these possessions for the collection and this is what you see pictured at the top of this article.



george cranwell first world war chrishallChrishall at War

The story of Chrishall through World War I told using local sources such as the church newsletters. Details of those who served and returned and those who were lost to the village.

Download a copy here. (PDF document: 8MB)


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