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School Christmas Party 1963

by | Dec 23, 2017 | Advent 2017, Chrishall School 1862 to 1973 | 2 comments

christmas 1963

Held in the same school rooms as yesterday’s School concert, today we have a Christmas Party from 1963 when Mr and Mrs Nelson were head teachers at Chrishall School.  Mr Nelson was trying the ‘new technology’ of film so there is no sound on this clip, although you can work out that the children are doing the ‘Hokey cokey’ at one point and finishing up with ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’.  These were wonderful, simple, happy times – enjoy.



  1. Cherry Gilbert

    How lucky we were to have been part of this school! Mr and Mrs Nelson gave us fantastic parties. As well as the Halloween parties with the lanterns (mine was always made out of something called a mangel similar to a large swede, given to me by Mr Les Rogers) which we hollowed out and put in a candle or nightlight. I can still remember the warm smell of it now. Didn’t hear of health and safety then! At the end of the party we paraded around the school playground so the parents could see our handywork. At the end of the Summer term another party and there was always ice-cream.

    We played Oranges and Lemons, Grand Old Duke of York, Blind Mans Buff and
    Hokey cokey. We had wonderful food and I personally have very fond memories of Ritz biscuits with cream cheese and cheese triangles on them to look like sailing boats and decorated with little manderine segments.

    I recognise many faces of my friends. Jane Nelson, Mr and Mrs Nelsons daughter. I loved playing on your huge rocking horse Jane! Lyn Goddard Rosamund Smith and Carolyn Flack were all my age. Stephen Flack, Stephen Whitmore Peter Drury were a year older.

    In this film in 1963 I would have just turned 6 years old. Im wearing a green hat with a red band, flowered dress, white cardigan and shoes. Just can’t work out who the young man is whose hand i was holding at one point! Thank you Rosemarie and Jane for the memories.

    • Rosemarie Gant

      What lovely memories Cherry – thank you for those. (I am particularly impressed with the detail of the Ritz biscuit boats!)


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