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Traction Engines: George Swann

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George Swann was another of the Drage & Kent drivers.  While he didn’t live in Chrishall he worked with many of the men who did of course.

summer 1928 George Swann driver aged about 16

Summer 1928 – George Swann driver, aged about 16

20wn 11784 Reg No. NO451 with George Swann

These photographs are kindly reproduced with the permission of Clive Flack and Kevin Swann, George’s father.  Here Kevin describes the ‘sets’ of Drage and Kent with some lovely nicknames of the other team members:

“Yes my father worked at Drage & Kent from 1927 through till 1934/5, getting laid off during the recession, starting as cook boy with the No1 set Fowler AA4 11873 Reg no; NO 450 & 11874 Reg   no; NO 451  29/03/1909.  This set consisted of ;

Foreman,  Frank (China) Flack,  Stan Clarke, driver left hand engine, Frank (Daddy) Saville driver right hand engine, Fred Oystern plough man, and dad George Swann cook boy.”

You can see Stan Clarke on the 1917 photograph here.


D: 1920 C: 20th Century


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