Village Newsletters

Welcome to the village newsletter archive.

We are very lucky to have an extensive collection of village newsletters going right back to the Church newsletters from 1913. Rather like today, the church newsletters back then covered a group of churches and Chrishall always had a section in the monthly newsletter. You can view the full collection of church newsletters from 1913-1939 in the Archive.

Essex Church News

Although I’m sure the church newsletters continued in some form, the next collection we have in the Archive begins in April of 1975 and these newsletters, produced in the village and just containing Chrishall news, are available from April 1975 to September 1984 and then from 1996 to 2010.

Finally we have the most recent editions of the newsletter which are now produced in electronic form and can be viewed from the links below. Where older copies of the newsletter have been scanned we will include those as well.

The newsletters are made available in PDF format. This will normally open either in your web browser or will download as a file that you can open on your computer. (If you need the free Adobe PDF reader it is here.)

To see the deadline dates and contact details for the latest newsletter please visit the Chrishall Parish Council website’s newsletter page.

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