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William Cranwell 1899

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William Cranwell 1899

William Cranwell outside his cottage in Builden End.

William was born in Chrishall and had a large family although he was widowed fairly young.  He was a gardener by trade and played the clarinet in church services before the church had an organ. You can follow him and his family through on the census returns and of course there are still Cranwells in the village today descended from William.

This cottage, now known as Yew Cottage, sadly burned down in the last few years and has been replaced with a modern home.  Below is a modern picture of William’s cottage taken in 1988.

chrishall yew cottage 1988

Update 2016:

We have been contacted by some Cranwell relations in Australia to say that Thomas, who was one of William’s sons, married a lady called Emma Bolding/Bolden and they came out to Australia in 1844.  Apparently he named his house in Australia “Chrishall”.



Y: 1899 C: 19th century


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