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1887 June 24th

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Queen Victoria golden jubilee silver florin

On the 20th June 1887, Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee.  Chrishall took part in the celebrations with a tea in the field called Thorns to the east side of High Street.

Herts and Cambs Reporter

Celebrations of the Queen’s Jubilee in the District

CHRISHALL. In this parish the children, about 170 in number, at 3.30 p.m., sat down to a substantial repast, in a field kindly lent by Mrs. S. Downham, which having thoroughly enjoyed, they dispersed over the field and entered heartily into the various amusements provided for them. Over 300 adult parishioners shortly after took their places at the tables, and partook of a social meal together. Mrs. S. Wallman undertook the task of preparing and serving the tables. This was followed by a variety of sports. A Jubilee service was held in the Church at 11.30 a.m. and was well attended, the Vicar, Rev. E. Leachman, officiating. The National Anthem, with the additional verses was sung, and also the Jubilee hymn composed by the Hon. and Rev. L. Neville.

I do hope Mrs Wallman had some help in ‘preparing and serving the tables’!

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