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Abrams Family Group

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abrams family builden end

This photograph was given to the collection by Romaine – many thanks. It might add something to the Abrams jigsaw! It is thought to have been taken in 1914 after Clara Ives marriage to Will Drury.

Standing from left to right: Lucy and Samuel Abrams, Nell and Will Abrams, then possibly Decima and Florence Flack. Next is Mary (known as Polly). The other side of the path is Stacey Abrams, Polly’s husband, and her daughter Gladys. Sitting in front are Frank (Will’s son) and Cyril, Polly and Stacey’s son.

Samuel is listed on the census as coming from Langley where he was a horse-keeper. He married Lucy Harvey on 4th November 1865 at Chrishall Church. Samuel was 20 and Lucy was 18. Their witnesses were Thomas Drury and Elizabeth Harvey and they were married by Robert Wilkes. They lived at the Top Farm at Builden End and Samuel worked at Builden End Farm. (See also ‘The Abrams family of Builden End‘)

They had four children to my current knowledge: Decima, Stacey, William and Jessie Rosetta. Jessie married William Ives and you can read more about them here.

Additional comments and information are welcome in the comments below!

Just for fun I tried a coloriser algorithm to see what it came up with. You can see the results below. Lucy’s dress looks plausible but Decima and Frank’s blue hair makes me wonder whether there should have been more black. It does pick out the ladies flowers on their dresses though.

colorised image Abrams building end


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