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The Abrams family of Builden End

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Advent 2017, Village Folk | 7 comments

abrams family builden end

Samuel and Lucy Abrams lived at Builden End and had four children.  Here they are outside their house in Builden End with two of their daughters.  We have some lovely photographs of the Abrams family thanks to Jane Spengler and Penny Swift, relations of the Ives family, so look out for a longer article all about the Abrams in the new year.

abrams family builden end



  1. Angela Phillips

    I have the 1881 Census for Samuel Abrams age 36 from Langley and Lucy age 32 (who came from Chrishall.
    At that time, they had William, Stacey and Desima all born in Chrishall.

    Interesting to note that a marriage Bann gives the spelling Abraham and Lucy Harosey? given on 8th; 15th; 22 October 1865.

    Abrahams/Abrams, Abraham of Clavering Essex, hence my interest.

  2. Rosemarie Gant

    Hello Angela. Thank you for this. I will do an article on the Abrams/Abrahams in the new year but they are a little tricky because of the different spelling of their name. I guess one was phonetic – quite often if you try saying the word with a country Essex accent you can see how the different spellings came about. So dropping letters you can quite easily see how Abrahams could become Abrams. Lucy was a Harvey I think. I’ll have to get on with that new article! Best wishes.

  3. Alan

    Hello Rosemarie and Angela
    Samuel was the brother of my Great great granddad William Abraham from Langley, both sons of James and Honour (King). I would be interested in any photographs or information you may have as i don’t have any.
    Would also be interested in any information you have about Abrams Lane.

    • Rosemarie Gant

      Hello Alan

      I have just had a little search around. The first time Abrams Lane is mentioned in the census returns is 1861. Samuel and Lucy didn’t marry until 1865 so it obviously wasn’t named after them.

      In the church records there is mention of Thomas and Ann Abrahams baptising daughter Ann in 1755 but they don’t seem to appear any more in the records. So I can’t get any further on that one at present.

      I have a few photographs of Samuel and Lucy and their children but I don’t think we have anything about William from Langley or James and Honour. If you would like copies of the photos of Samuel and Lucy please let me know. (The contact form here will come straight to me without comments being published on the site).

      And if you find out any more do let us know!

      Best wishes,

  4. Tom Doig

    I have been working on the Abraham/Abrams (of Langley/Nuthampstead, Herts) and have a few photographs of Samuel/Lucy. Sadly, I suspect that you already had these but there is always a chance…..
    I worked with Irene Cranwell and Chris South on the BBC Radio and, for a while, was a teacher in the same school/classroom as that of Irene!
    One photograph, about 1905, shows the family standing outside the house at Builden End. I’m not sure how all the people fit but they include… Lucy & Samuel, Ellen ‘Nell’, William &Frank, Susan, Cyril, Stacey, Gladys – no identification of a Decima (had she already died?)

    Any help/contact would be much appreciated.

    • Rosemarie Gant

      Hello Tom – how nice to hear from you. I have just published a group photo of Abrams: . I’m not sure if it is the same one as you have of course but we think it includes Decima and her daughter Florence. Again I think Decima married Leonard Flack but I don’t seem to have that marriage in the Chrishall records so maybe they married elsewhere. We also can’t currently make the connection back to Alan’s records of the Abrams in the village in the 1700s yet so still some research to do on this family. They were linked to a lot of the Chrishall families and we have ‘Abrams Lane’ still in the village today. I also have a wonderful picture from Romaine of Lucy pouring out a glass of wine. I should think she was quite a character!

      • Rosemarie

        An update on this – it looks like Decima and Leonard did marry at Chrishall on 29 July 1901.


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