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Charlie Rogers, Home Farm

by | Dec 3, 2017 | Advent 2017, Village Folk | 2 comments

Charlie Rogers home farm

A lovely photo of Charlie Rogers looking confidently down into the camera standing out the front of Home Farm in High Street. Charlie went on to marry Dorothy Rush whose parents ran the garage.


  1. Bryan Rogers

    Thank you for posting the picture of my Dad; I have that picture in my collection, I think he was probably about nineteen at the time. As you say he married Dorothy (Dot) Rush, see other comment, and after a short spell of living at “The Butts” in Church Rd. they moved into the flint cottage in Hoggs Lane, next door to Frank and Daisy Pitches, where they spent the rest of their lives. Dad had to leave working on the family farm as more and more boys came along who needed employment, so he went to work for F.W. and H.S. Goddard of Saffron Walden and remained there until he retired. But he never lost his love for farming and had to be content with keeping pigs and growing vegetables. Mum kept chickens, so we never went hungry. They raised three children, Leonard, Bryan and Gwen; sadly I am the only survivor as Len and Gwen both succumbed to cancer, as did my Dad. They were staunch supporters of the Chapel, Grandad Rogers was a local preacher, Mum played the organ for the afternoon services. Yes, there were three services every Sunday, and morning and afternoon Sunday School. Dad played football and cricket and served in the AFS (Auxillary Fire Service) during the war. He became a very versatile and clever engineer and was always willing to help anyone with any mechanical problem, and gave my brother and I a good grounding in engineering. He was sadly missed by many when he died at only 77, from pancreatic cancer.

  2. Rosemarie Gant

    Lovely memories Bryan – thank you for those.


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