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Alfred Brand and the bees

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Alfred Brand

Alfred Brand lived at Peacock Cottage in Crawley End Chrishall. We don’t know where the above photograph was taken – whether it was in Peacock Cottage garden or at an allotment. At the time Alfred Brand lived there, there would have been allotments just over the road from his house. As you go along Crawley End from the Green, you pass the chapel on your right and Faerie Cottage, Cobblers and Mapletons on your left. After Mapletons there were allotments until you reached Pheonix Cottage.

We know there was also a large orchard next to Peacock Cottage. When land was sold to build Walnut Tree Cottage in 1966 they preserved the walnut tree in the garden which was the last tree of the orchard.

Going back to Mr Alfred Brand, he was a great bee-keeper apparently. Mrs Cranwell takes up the story here of Alfred Brand and his bees.


Alfred Brand and the Bees

by Irene Cranwell


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