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Chrishall Church Gravestone Inscriptions

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Chrishall Churchyard

(with thanks to The Village Web where this article was first published)

There has been a church at Chrishall since before the Norman Conquest. Burial could have been offered to a Chrishall population consisting of 2 Freemen, 4 Sokemen (tenants of the local lord), 26 Villeins (Freemen who were bound to help the lord gather in his harvest, & plough his land in spring & autumn), 21 Borderas (cottagers working on the land), & 6 Serfs. With a total population in1068 of approximately 240 there must have been 171 wives, children & those no longer working.

According to the 1891 census the population had little more than doubled to 547.

(281 males & 266 females). 2001 Census 1381 (To be confirmed)

Chrishall is sometimes referred to as a plague village since those who died of the “Black Death” 1348 – 1350 were buried en masse in a plague pit under what is now the church car park. Len Vokes, long time church warden, recalls that there was a cast iron plaque there forbidding further interment on that site. Later houses were rebuilt at a distance from the original church vicinity, presumably as a precautionary measure..

Until the arrival of the car, the dead may well have been taken to the churchyard on a bier (a handbarrow, subsequently horse drawn). In 1667 an act of Parliament was passed to help the wool trade, which stated that no corpse should be buried “in shirt, sheet, shift or shroud but in wollen”. This was repealed in approximately 1815(thanks to Mrs Irene Cranwell for this information)

According to the Church Register of Burials the average age of those

buried at Chrishall Church aged over 10, has increased as follows:

Period             Males             Females

1912 to 1939               28 years          67                    74

1985 to 2007               23 years          77                    85

Increase                                             10 years          11 years



Holy Trinity Church, Chrishall.  Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions

Recorded and compiled by Helen Melville-Smith & Richard Keeling, Carol & Dave Wootton and Neil Marshall © 2009






DRAGE, Thomas, Sarah Rosetta and Mary

In loving memory of Thomas Drage died December 10 1884 in his 49th year.
Also of Sarah Rosetta daughter of the above who died Oct 15th 1872 aged 5-(?) years

Also of Mary Drage wife of the above who died Jan 22nd 1909 aged 79 years


SHILLITOE, Walter & Mary Elmira

In Sacred Memory of Walter Shillitoe who died Jan 22nd 1886 aged 51 and Mary Elmira his wife who died on Easter Morn April 17th 1881 aged 38. „Till the Day Breaks and the Shadows Flee Away.‟


WALLER, Nathan and Mary Ann

In loving memory of Nathan Waller passed away Oct 29th 1915 aged 75 years. Rest in peace.
Mary Ann Waller passed away May 11th 1926 aged 84. Until we meet again


SOOLE, Nicholas W, Richard, Ann, Rebecca — — (?), Susan

Sacred to the memory of Nicholas W. Soole who died May 6th 1880 aged 72 years. Also of Richard Soole son of the above, who died April 5th 1849 aged 9 months. Also Ann Soole, daughter of the above who died Sept 4th 1855, aged 20 years. Also Rebecca ——(?) daughter of the above, died June 22nd 1880 aged 39 years. Also Susan Soole, daughter of the above who died Dec 5th 1897 aged 84(?) years


ANDERSON, Jeremiah & Lydia

In loving memory of Jeremiah Anderson, late of The Thrift Royston Heath who died May 16th 1899 aged 65 years. “In the midst of life we are in death”

Also of Lydia Anderson, wife of the above, who died April 16th 1926 aged 89 years “Her end was peace”


STARR, William & Maria, EMPSON, Charlotte

In loving memory of William Starr of Chrishall, who died Aug 1st 1886 aged 62 years. „In my father‟s house are many mansions.‟ Also of Maria Starr, who died Feb. 2nd 1913 aged 86 years and of Charlotte Empson, daughter of the above who died March 3rd 1911, aged 54 years. „Dear wife and children don‟t lament, for unto you I was but lent, my debt is paid, my grave you see, wait awhile & follow me‟




ROGERS, Samuel & Emily

In loving memory of our dear father Samuel Rogers who died Oct 29th 1920 aged 75 years. Also of our dear mother Emily Rogers who died July 3rd 1903 aged 61 years.

Light after darkness gain after loss, strength after weakness, crown after cross. Joy after sorrow, calm after blast, blest after weariness, rest at last.


McCRAE, John & Andrew

In loving memory of John McCrae who died April 22nd 1927 aged 59 years. Also of Andrew, son of the above who died Aug 23rd 1899 aged 4 years


MANNING, Maria & Edith

In loving memory of MARIA, wife of THOMAS MANNING of Great Chishill, who died Jan — 1881 in her 34th year. Also EDITH, daughter of the above, who died Sept 9th 1884 aged 17 years.
„Remember now thy — in the —–ys, of thy youth ——days —not, nor the —— when —– shall say ——-then.‟


DOWNHAM, Jessie & Herbert

In affectionate remembrance of Jessie Emily, wife of Herbert J Downham,was laid to rest Feb 14 1899. „I heard the voice of Jesus come unto me and rest.‟ ALSO of Herbert Joseph Downham who died Jan 15th 1946 aged 84 years.



——–Aged 60. 1946



Sacred to the memory of John Living, son of Robert and Hannah Living, who died September 5 1861 aged 64 years.


LIVING, Hannah

Sacred to the memory of Hannah Living who died April 11 1852 aged 81 years.


LIVING, Robert

Sacred to the memory of Robert Living who died February 10th 1851 aged 81 years.



In Memory P—– Downham Aged 19 Years



——be ye not Slothfull (?) of them who ——. 1799. (Footstone initials G (?) C)


CHAMBERS, Robert and Elisabeth Ann

In loving memory of Robert Chambers, who died January 18th 1940 aged 87 years. „Grant him eternal rest, O Lord‟. Also his wife Elisabeth Ann, who died October 12th 1946, aged 71 years. „In the daybreak and the shadows.‟


CHAMBERS, Priscilla Hayden & Herbert Oswald

In affectionate remembrance of Priscilla Hayden, wife of Robert Chambers, who passed away July – 1893 aged 44 years. Also Herbert Oswald Chambers, youngest son of the above, passed peacefully away June 23rd, 1947 aged 66 years. „Lead kindly light‟. (Footstone says R.H.C. 1893 H.O.C. 1947


BARRETT (?), Frederick

Frederick, son of William & ?Ann ?Barrett —————28 1851. Footstone reads FB 1851


POTTRELL, Thomas & Ann (plaque on church wall)

Thomas Pottrell who died 1761 aged 80. Also Ann his wife who died 14th Dec 1762 aged 76 years.


GUIVER, Florence Amelia

In loving memory of a dear sister Florence Amelia Guiver called suddenly to rest October 11th 1944 Aged 61 years. „Rest in the Lord.‟


GUIVER, Walter Francis

In loving memory of a dear son and beloved brother, Walter Francis Guiver who fell asleep June 14th 1937 aged 49 years. „In God‟s Keeping.‟


GUIVER, Walter John & Clare Ellen

Walter John Guiver who fell asleep March 28th 1927. Also of Clara Ellen wife of the above. Died June 23rd 1943 aged 84 years.


WALLMAN, Susannah

In loving memory of Susannah Wallman died May 4th 1925 aged 78 years.



In memory of Ann Nash, who died July 18th 1812, aged 86 years.



Ann, widow of the late Edward Martyn of – —Devon. Born Jan – 1816. Died Feb – 188-


WAY, William

The Rev William Way, Vicar of Chrishall, Born 1st Oct 1820, Died 20th April 1881


WAY, William (inscription on church wall)

Near this spot is buried The Revd William Way, Vicar of Chrishall from Michaelmas `1864 to April 20th 1881. Through his exertions, aided by parishioners and friends, this church was thoroughly restored, the nave and aisles in 1869, the chancel in 1876. „He being dead, yet speaketh.‟ Heb. VI.4.

Also resting in the same grave his wife Harriet Sophia Way who died April 18th 1918, aged 96.


BEWS (?), Thomas

In memory of Thomas Bews. Died on —- —– 1845.



In memory Tho. Abraham who died Nov – 1790 Aged 61 (?) Footstone reads TA 1790



In memory of Tho. Melville, vicar of this parish, who died Nov 21 1719 (?)


——— Horatio



KING, Elizabeth (?) (broken memorial)

Who departed this life ————-


BRANCH, William, Hubert

In memory of William Hubert Branch, vicar of this parish 1980. Born 9th August 1915 died 18th December 1980.


HILLS, Thomas

In memory of Thomas Hills – departed this life – May 15th 1812 aged 12 years.


SMITH, Jane & BULL, John Robert

Jane Smith ———–July & John Robert Bull who departed this life 1845 ——–



In memory of Ann, wife of Thomas Hill, who died 7th March 1806, —-


BURR, James

James, son of Thomas and Frances Burr, who died March 1 181-


HURRILL, Rebecca

In loving memory of Rebecca, the wife of Allen Hurrill who died ——- (Footstone reads 1797 )



Footstone reads 1778



Footstone reads 1796


POMFREE (?) Thomas

In memory of Thomas Pomfree (?) who died 10 July 1790 (?)


RUSH, Oliver

In memory of Oliver Rush who died Jan 22 1771 aged 68 years (?)


RUSH, Anne

Anne, dear wife of Oliver Rush——-1761


RUSH, Thomas

In memory of Thomas, son of Oliver and Ann Rush who died Nov 16 (?) 1742 aged 4 (?) years. (Footstone reads TR 1742)


———– Robert (Cross by vestry door under window)

In the year of our Lord 1786 ————



(gravestone resting on church wall)


Mostly unreadable

Best (?) (gravestone resting on church wall)


DRAGE, Florence Mason & Henry Thomas

In Loving Memory of Florence Mason Drage beloved wife of Henry Thomas Drage who died 21st March 1934 aged 69 years.

Also of Henry Thomas Drage died 26th October 1950 aged 81 years.


DRAGE, Jessie Louise & Arthur Leslie

In Loving Memory of Jessie Louise Drage, beloved wife of Leslie Drage, who died Oct 24th 1962 aged 69 years. Also Arthur Leslie Drage who died Feb 13th 1967 aged 71 years.


PITCHESS, Emily & Edward

Remembrance of Emily Pitchess who died Feb 9th 1932 aged 82 years. Also Edward Pitchess who died Dec 9th 1942 aged 67 years.


CANE, James & Ada Maria

In Loving Memory of James Cane died July 24th 1934 aged 73 years. Also of his wife Ada Maria died June 1st 1951 aged 83 years. „There Remaineth Therefore a Rest to the People of God.‟



In loving memory of our dear boy, Cyril H Wallman, who passed peacefully away January 20th 1932 aged 24 years. „At Rest‟


BAKER, William & Ann

In loving memory of WILLIAM BAKER, died March 4th 1913 aged 71. Also of Ann, wife of the above, died March 20th 1923 aged 80. „At Rest‟


REEVES, Queenie May

In loving memory of a dear wife and mother, Queenie May Reeves, died 9th

Dec 1966. Aged 62.


HILE, Daniel John & Rosalie Mary Blyth

Daniel John Hile died December 31st 1936 aged 84 years. Rest in Peace.
And his elder daughter Rosalie Mary Blyth Hile died August 11th 1970 aged 91 years.


CRANWELL, William & Clara

In loving memory of William Cranwell and his wife Clara Cranwell.


WHITMORE, Phillis Matilda

In Loving Memory of Phillis Matilda Whitmore 1895-1935. Rest in peace.


McCRAE, Andrew & Agnes

In loving memory of Andrew McCrae, died Nov 22nd 1932. Also of Agnes McCrae, mother of the above who died July 26th 1942 aged 73 years.


TINWORTH, Edward & Sarah

Edward Tinworth died August 1923 aged 93.
Sarah Tinworth died December 1913 aged 81. „In memory of our dear father and mother .‟


WILKERSON, Joseph & Susan

In loving memory of a dear husband and father, JOSEPH WILKERSON. Died Aug 18th 1904 aged 89 years. And also a dear mother, SUSAN WILKERSON, died May 13th 1948 aged 90 years.



In loving Memory of Hilda Leachman, dearly loved daughter of the late Edmund and Georgiana Leachman, born May 11th 1876, passed away Sept 17th 1915. „So He giveth His beloved sleep‟



In loving memory of Edmund Leachman, vicar of Chrishall. Born Nov 20th 1824. Died May 11th 1888. „Until the day break and the shadows flee away‟


LEACHMAN, Georgiana & MEERES, Lydia Heathfield

In loving memory of Georgiana Leachman who passed within the veil on Palm Sunday March 24th 1907 aged 68 years. „For as in Adam all die: even so in Christ shall all be made alive.‟ 1 COR XV 20. Also Lydia Heathfield Meeres her dearly loved sister who passed to her rest Oct 26th 1932 in her 90th year. „Their works do follow them.‟ Rev XIV 13.


BROOKS, Ellen, Luke, their children & Emily

In loving memory of Ellen Brooks, died Oct 17th 1891 aged 41 years.
Also Emily Brooks, died July 19th 1920 and Luke Brooks, died Oct 31st 1921 aged 74 years.

Also the beloved children of Luke and Ellen Brooks, William, Edward and Jessie. „Rest In Peace‟



In memory of Mark Brooks who died after a few days‟ illness January 8 1875 aged 29 years. „Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ‟ (+additional illegible inscription)


DOWNHAM, Annie Kate & Philip

In Loving Memory of Annie Kate Downham died January 28 1935 aged 78. Also of Philip Downham died September 4 1909 aged 50. „Thy Will be Done‟


WALL, Francis, Jane, John & Doris Ethel

In Loving Memory of Francis Wall (of New Farm Chrishall) who died July 31st 1934 aged 84 years.
Also of Jane his wife, who died May 25th 1952 aged 95 years. R.I.P.

John Wall died Oct 30 1969 aged 76 also his wife Doris Ethel Wall died Jan 24 1987 aged 85. R.I.P.


SLATER, William & Sarah

In loving memory of WILLIAM SLATER, who died August 17th 1909 aged 75 years. „Gone from us but not forgotten.‟
Also of SARAH NAARAH, wife of the above, died June 22nd 1925 aged 91 years. „At Rest‟


BUTTON, Elizabeth Ann & Timothy

In affectionate remembrance of a dear mother, Elizabeth Ann Button.
Also Timothy Button, died 25 March 1932 aged 75 years. „Not Parted in Death‟


DELLAR, Charles & Sarah Ann

In Loving Memory of Charles Dellar (late of Melbourn) who died April 29th 1891 aged 50 years. „Thy Will be Done.‟
Also of Sarah Ann wife of the above who died Jan 20th 1904 aged 64 years. „He Giveth His Beloved Sleep‟


WALLMAN, Frank & Rosanna

In loving memory of Frank Wallman who died April 29th 1930 aged 63. Reunited. Also of Rosanna Wallman his wife who died Oct 24 1935 aged 60.


GOODE, Susan & Walter

In loving memory of SUSAN GOODE died April 30th 1929 aged 66.
Also of WALTER GOODE died November 30th 1929 aged 70. „At Rest‟


In loving memory of Hubert Flack – interred into rest Sept 27th 1928 aged 67 years.
Also Ann Elizabeth Flack died Jan 22nd 1940 aged 70 years.


LUCAS, Hubert

In loving memory of Hubert Lucas aged 6 years.



In loving memory of our dear mother, Mary Howard, born Jan 18th 1829, passed to rest June 20th 1908.


BRAND, William Walter & Dorothy

In loving memory of William Walter Brand, died 8 July 1984 aged 84. Also of Dorothy Brand, died 1 January 1991 aged 83.


BRAND, William Robert & Beatrice Ann

In loving memory of William Robert Brand, died 19 May 1934 aged 58.
Also Beatrice Ann Brand died 5 Nov 1948 aged 88.


BRAND, Julia Martha

In loving memory of Julia Martha, daughter of Samuel and Mary Julia Brand who died January 8th 1902 aged 42 years.


BRAND, Mary Julia

In loving memory of Mary Julia Brand who died Sept 16th 1919 aged 90 years.


BRAND, Samuel

In loving memory of Samuel Brand who died August 27 1859 aged 36 years.


GREEN, Naomi & Ernest

In loving memory of Naomi Green died August 20th 1929 aged 83 years. Also of Ernest Green died May 27th 1929 aged 43 years.


WHITMORE, John & Eliza

In loving memory of John Whitmore, died Dec 20 1909 aged 70. Eliza Whitmore wife of the above died Feb 18 1927 aged 80. „All is Well‟


CRANWELL, Ernest Ralph

Ernest Ralph Cranwell, died May 25th 1926


CRANWELL, Jessie & Claude. Also PETERS, Minnie

In loving memory of Minnie Peters. And daughter Jessie Cranwell died 25th Oct 1980 aged 82 years, and her husband Claude Cranwell died 17th Aug 1988 aged 92 years.



In memory of Amos Pitches, died April 24th 1924 aged 74.



In memory of Lewis Pitches, died 11th hour, 11th month 1944, aged 55.


PITCHES, Charles & George

In memory of Charles Pitches died June 6th 1969 aged 81.
Also George Pitches M.M died January 25 1976 aged 89.


BAKER, John & Phyllis

In loving memory of our dear father John Baker, died 1_ May 1945 aged 77 years. Also our dear mother Phyllis Baker died Sept 1906 (?) aged 69 years. „At Rest‟



This window was given in memory of William Robert Brand died 14th May 1934 and Beatrice Ann his wife died 9th November 1954. Also of William Walter Brand died 18th July 1984 and Dorothy Irene his wife died 1st January 1991


Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Godfrey Everth, M.A., who departed this life 2nd June 1858 aged 68 years. His immortal remains are interred in the family burial place, Wigan Cemetery, Lancashire. For 16 years he was Vicar of Carristown in the County of Dublin Ireland, and for 18 years Vicar of this parish, Chrishall, Essex. This tablet is erected by his affectionate wife Maria Everth.


In loving memory of the Reverend Albert Anthony Bagley M.A. 21st March 1890 – 2nd September 1971. Vicar of this parish 1946 – 1965. Buried at Wrabness Churchyard. This tablet is placed her by his parishioners and friends.


GANE, James. Baronetto et Anna uxori. Filius parentibus / poluit


In memory of Capt. C H H Beley of the 25th regiment of Punjhub Infantry. Companion of the Distinguished Service Order killed in action at Kotkoi on the North Western frontier of India, Oct 4th 1888 aged 33. This reredos is erected by officers of his regiment and other friends.


Elizabeth BANKE memorial


  1. Max Rowe

    Hi and greetings from Melbourne, Australia.

    My wife’s Grand Father is Fredrick William Brand born to William and Elizabeth Brand.

    William was born in 1833 in Chrishall, Essex and emigrated to Australian

    His following ancestors are – all born and buried in Chrishall. Essex are:-

    William Brand born 1807 / died 1875 ( Married Elizabeth Pitty)
    George Brand born 1764 / died 1837 (Married Jemima Winter)

    I have perused your list of burials / headstones and the above are not mentioned.

    As we are planning to visit the UK in Sept 2022 and hopefully spent time in an around Chrishall, looking into family research and or meet any related Brand relatives.

    I would appreciate any assistance you can offer on possible burial locations of the above or contact emails of any one that could assist.

    Thank you – I’m most grateful for any help.

    Kind regards / Max

    • Alan Knight

      Dear Max Row.
      It is a bit late I know but my family tree runs back to GEORGE BRAND (G6) b. 24 May 1764, who married JEMIMA WINTER, 24 July 1792, Their son JOHN (G5) b 1794 who married MARY BYE (G5) in 1825 was the older brother of your WILLIAM b, 1807 who married ELIZABETH PITTY in 1830.
      If you would like to contact me I would be very interested in talking to you and I do hope I am not too late, as I may have some
      perhaps extraordinary news on the family for you.


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