One of the last photographs taken at the old school before we all moved over to the new school just across the playing field.

Back row from left: Janet Potter, Vernon Clarke, Louise Martin, Simon Chandler, Elizabeth King, Louise Bayer, Fay Grice, Shirley Flack, Angela Parker , Alison Garret, Jonathan Kemp
Third row from left: Ruth Macadam, Helen Thorn, Andrew Duerden, Adrian Law, Jane Stroud, Sarah Watson, Sharon Rose, Gillian Thorn, Karen Funston, Michael Burrows, Jonathan Stigwood, David Goddard, Andrew Thorn, Aylie Macadam
Second Row from left: Stephen Starr, Christopher Hall, Timothy Conder, Diane Wiseman, Pamela Brooks, Jennifer Page, Andrew Camp, Patrick Watson, Jane King, Jane Martin, Ian Rogers, Lisa Duerden, Gregor MacAdam, Gerald Cranwell, Christopher Funston
Front Row from left: Hal Kimber, Elaine Cranwell, Lee Flack, Philip Rogers, Nicholas Conder, Simon Camp, Rosemarie Davies, Joanna Cranwell, Christopher Kemp, Kate Bayer, David Page, Michael Wiseman, Susie Potter, Hilary Garret, John Parker
(Names supplied by Mrs Garret and Ian Rogers)