The older girls in this photo are definitely following the fashions of the time!

Back row: Shelia Whitmore, Jennifer Cranwell, Heather Whitmore, Mary Flack, Judy Flack, Shirley Harvey, Betty Harvey, Miss Oyston, John Cane.

Third row: Bruce Drury, Anthony Drury, Colin Hicks, Frank Hicks, Michael Clarke, Michael Cranwell, Chris Cranwell

Second row: Leslie Cranwell, Ivor Harvey, Glenis Rogers, Judy Miller, Janet Leech, Betty Whitmore, Vera Harvey, Michael Swift, Spencer Loveday, Michael Manning.

Front row: Jonathan Cranwell, Michael Whitmore, Isobel Cranwell, Jean Mancer, Margaret Edwards, Pauline Leech, Ivan Drury, Barry Flack.

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chrishall school 1949