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Chrishall School Teachers

by | Jun 24, 2017 | Chrishall School 1862 to 1973 | 3 comments

Miss Hile, Connie Patmore and Irene Cranwell

We are hoping to put together a list of all the school teachers from the old Chrishall School here. If you remember any we don’t please let us know!

1862:  School opens

1870: Miss Elizabeth Dant

1901: Head: James French and wife Ellen also a teacher

1911: Head: Miriam Mitchell  plus two assistants, Emily Gray and Alithia Garden. None of them were born locally (from the census)

Miss Rogers mentions a Miss Harmer in her recollections from around this time.

1920s: Miss Ivy Cranwell, infant teacher.

1940s: Miss Hile, Kathleen Faulkner, Olive Miller, Connie Patmore who taught the infants and Irene Cranwell

Local memories: “Jessy Ives used to look after the tortoise stove at school and would sprinkle ‘brown stuff’ on the floor to keep the dust down.  Lorna Flack, whose father was the baker, Charles Flack, used to clean for Miss Hile in the school house.” 

1960s: Mr and Mrs Nelson and Mrs Alcock.  The Nelsons were the last people to live in the old school house.  They built and moved to Walnut Tree Cottage in Crawley End after which the school house was empty until the new school was built and the old school closed in 1973.

1973 – July 1989: Head: Ken Wyatt
Teachers: Mrs P Gale, Mrs Kemp

1981 – July: Mrs P Broad, Deputy Head

1981 – October: Mrs Graham, Deputy Head

1984: Mrs Lightning, Mrs J Saunders piano player, Mrs M Webb school assistant.

Aug 1989 – 1991: Head: Philip Sell

1990s: Head: Richard Free

January 1999: Head: Lella Yates


Above: Miss Hile, Connie Patmore and Irene Cranwell.


  1. angela phillips

    Hello, Just gone through the 1861 Census District 3. I found 2 school mistresses.

    60 Pumpkin Row. …. Mary Law aged 44 who was born in Newport.

    Chrishall Grange …..Elizabeth Barker aged 40, born Comberton, Cambridge.

  2. Rosemarie Gant

    That’s a good find Angela. It would be very nice if we could link them up with the school. I wonder if there are newspaper reports that might mention the early school teachers?

    • angela phillips

      1871 Census School page 13 Entry 51
      Emma Amey 19 School mistress
      Ada Amey 16 Addistant

      Both born in Gt Saling.


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