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Halloween 1971

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Chrishall School 1862 to 1973 | 0 comments

chrishall school halloween 1971

1971 and the very last years spent at the old Chrishall school.  Outdoor toilets and a huge A-frame climbing frame in the playground where a careless tumble sent you crashing onto the tarmac playground.  All fun times!  And some of the best bits were the school parties that were run by Mr and Mrs Nelson, head teachers of the school at the time.

Mr Nelson was trying out a new technology – the Kodak Cine 8 film and camera. Remember this is new technology at the time so there is no sound on the video below, no extra lighting, no zooming in or out – just point and record.  Who can you find on here?! Enjoy.

A spooky night at Chrishall School 1971

Thank you so much to Jane Nelson for permission to publish this film.


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