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Christmas Articles 2018

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Chrishall Archive Group (CAG) | 0 comments

crawley end chrishall snow

As you may know from the last newsletter – (sign up for your copy here if you currently miss out!) – I was hoping to do an advent calendar on the website again this year but other things have got in the way and I have not had time to put all the articles together.  So rather than rush anything out, and since we are now 10 days into the month anyway, I will revert back to the style of Christmas articles we ran in 2016.

Christmas Stories for Boxing Day to New Year

There will be six articles appearing on the site starting on Boxing Day and finishing on New Year’s Eve.  They will hopefully amuse, entertain and perhaps provide a little relief from the Boxing Day sales and New Year’s Eve parties!

Look out for the first article on December 26th.

Archive window display

As you know, the Archive in the Pavilion is now officially closed until Easter when we will re-start our regular openings on the first Sunday of the month and bank holidays. You can see all our opening times for 2019 here.

If you wish to visit the Archive in the mean time however, you only have to ask.  We are always happy to open the Archive for visitors.  Just get in touch and let us know when you would like to come

And if you are strolling past on a dog walk or on your way to the playground, look out for our ‘Let it snow?’ display which will be in the Archive window from 16th December.


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