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Postcards and Pens

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Chrishall Archive postcards and pens

The old photographs in our collection are much admired and now you can own some of your own copies – or send them to friends. 

We have a lovely collection of five postcards depicting old scenes of the village and one modern beautiful Springtime image of the church. 

And what better to jot a little note on the back of your card than a lovely curvy comfortable Archive pen. These pens write so nicely you will probably need a few cards just to keep writing! 

Chrishall postcardsTop right: Mr Crocker’s garage, later Pratt and Coote’s, and the bus station.

Top left: Church Road showing thatching of the old cottages that used to stand where The Grange house now stands.

Second right: Hay harvest time at Building End with members of the Abrams family among others.

Second left: Martinholme on the green when there was still a path round the back of the pond and Martinholme itself was one of the village shops and the Post Office.

Third right: Reg Drury watches Drage and Kent’s Gyrotiller at work.

Bottom: Rooks Pond at Crawley End before the railings were placed around it.

Plus the church postcard which you can see in the picture at the top.

Show your support for the Archive with one of our lovely, comfortable to hold, curvy pens. 

Pens and postcards will be on sale in the Archive and at any events we attend. We can arrange to post items to you as well, if you are further away. If you would like to enquire about purchasing please fill out the form below.

Pens are £1.20 Postcards are £1 each.

All photographs on this page: James Gant

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